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Please send healing mojo

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gypsybird87 posted 11/14/2013 12:30 PM

Hi all,

Please send me any good healing vibes you have to spare today. I'm going to the doctor for a sore throat that has been lingering for nearly two months now. It was wasn't viral, it wasn't strep, antibiotics didn't help, and now I am really, really scared. What if its cancer? My uncle is just recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer and is fighting a battle to stay alive.

I have no insurance, no family nearby, and obviously, no spouse. I'm feeling very scared and alone today.

abbycadabby posted 11/14/2013 12:53 PM


Healing mojo sent your way. I hope you feel better and get an explanation (preferably not cancer) soon!

tushnurse posted 11/14/2013 13:16 PM

mojo, MoJo, MOJO heading your way.

Sounds like a scary time for you, but it also sounds like it could be something as simple as reflux.

Deep breaths, and good MoJo your way.

hardtimesinlife posted 11/14/2013 13:20 PM

Big hugs and healing mojo sent.
Thinking of you.

zebra25 posted 11/14/2013 13:27 PM

Lots of healing thoughts.


Peaches2013 posted 11/14/2013 13:28 PM

Sending good thoughts and healing mojo your way.

tryingagain74 posted 11/14/2013 13:31 PM

Sending you tons of positive, healthy mojo. I'm waiting on biopsy results and am totally freaking out, so I get what you're going through. Hopefully, we'll both get good news.


jo2love posted 11/14/2013 18:41 PM


Sending you healing mojo.

nowiknow23 posted 11/14/2013 19:30 PM


tushnurse posted 11/15/2013 08:13 AM

UPDATE::::: Please????

lynnm1947 posted 11/15/2013 08:32 AM

Mojo to you!

thebighurt posted 11/15/2013 08:34 AM

I wasn't on here to see this yesterday. Sending mojo and healing thoughts to you and tryingagain. Waiting sucks.

simplydevastated posted 11/15/2013 08:58 AM

I'm sorry I missed this yesterday. Sending healing mojo and positive thoughts your way. Please post with an update when you can.


gypsybird87 posted 11/15/2013 16:37 PM

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all the healing wishes! I wish I had something definite to report, but I'm still waiting. The doctor said my lymph nodes, glands etc/whatever in the neck feel very swollen. I still have no fever and no other symptoms, though my energy level is definitely very low. She prescribed a different kind of antibiotic, and had blood drawn for testing. I was supposed to get both an email and a call today regarding the results. So far neither one has happened.

I'll post when I know more. Waiting SUCKS.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 11/15/2013 19:43 PM

sending mojo!

gypsybird87 posted 11/16/2013 10:54 AM

So I finally got my results and an email from the doctor. My mono and thyroid tests were normal. My CBC bloodwork was all normal except for lymphocytes, which were "slightly low but not enough to be concerning at this time."

She wants me to finish the current course of antibiotics and then reevaluate my symptoms and possibly redo the CBC.

This doesn't make me feel any better or more at ease. I'm still in pain, and there is still no answer. I wish something simple like mono had come back positive so at least I'd know what the hell is going on.

Please reassure me this is probably nothing....

tushnurse posted 11/16/2013 11:25 AM

You have been on antibiotics long enough for it to kick most bugs. If you still have a sore throat still consider reflux. If you have a history of heartburn or GERD being sick and/or under stress can really make it quite worse.

If you reflux while you are sleeping it can cause the sore throat without the typical heartburn. Try these simple things for a few days to see if it helps.
1. Elevate the head of your bed or put a wedge under your pillows.
2. Get some over the counter prevacid or zegerid. Take it as soon a you buy it then start taking it every morning first thing before you eat or drink anything else. Wait 15 minutes before having your morning coffee.
3. Limit caffeine, chocolate an alcohol

This can make a huge difference in your symptoms. Of it does you have your answer if not then you have ruled out one more thing. Give it a good 7 days of trying though.

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