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Problem-Solution Essay. Can't think of a topic.

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frigidfire86 posted 11/14/2013 16:34 PM

So, I have to write a paper for my English class. I have to choose a local problem, describe why it is a problem, and come up with a solution for it. I have no idea what to write about. I can think of a number of things I would love to change, but I can't think of a realistic solution. Other ideas I had I found out, after a lot of research, that the city is already doing what I would have suggested. Do you have any ideas/suggestions? What would you choose for a topic? I need help!

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thisissogross posted 11/14/2013 17:40 PM

Public transportation? I know that 'Officially' constructed bus stops where we used to live were significantly more expensive and far less attractive than those made by HS students involved in a specific program. Maybe? Graffiti? Animal spay and neuter programs? We've moved way out in the country and our neighbors rooster answers to no man and crows at all hours of the night, And their horses make lots of noise when they're randy in the spring. Could write your paper on how to save my ears from non-punctual cockadoodling and horse sex. Good luck.

cayc posted 11/14/2013 17:44 PM

Well since it's an English class, isn't the point to describe the problem and solution? As in youre being graded on the writing, not the problem/solution identification part. So in that sense, just pick something you know about and run with it.

Or, pick the problem that already has a solution and find a problem with the solution. What's not working about it? And then solve that.

momoftana posted 11/15/2013 12:44 PM

I had to write this type of paper also. I racked my brain for a few days and then finally had a lightbulb moment.

I picked something I regularly bitched about (even when by myself.) Of course I already had a solution as to how I would handle my problem! Now, if I could just get them to let me be in charge.

Snapdragon posted 11/15/2013 14:52 PM

Does it have to be real? Can you make something up? Pretend you live on another planet, make up a problem, and make up a solution. That could be dang entertaining!

ajsmom posted 11/15/2013 15:13 PM

You could tackle the age-old dilemma of there being 10 hot dogs in a package while there are 8 hot dog buns in a package.


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