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was totally played by dd

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million pieces posted 11/15/2013 16:43 PM

Sooooo, there are advantages to being on speaking/working terms w the wifetress....

My dd is a girly girl (not like me). She had two winter coats last year one purple, one green. Both nice Lands End, the purple one being smaller. She HATED them both because they were sporty but tolerated the purple one despite being too small. Luckily no snow last winter for her. This year I'm searching for green coat (totally cute mint green) cant find it. Have dd look for it when she was at her fathers, claims it isn't there. Protested the need when I said I'd get wifetress to look. She had already looked, she was a good finder, etc. Sent an email, wifetress said coat was there, always there, and that Addie knew it was there, they had done the same thing over the weekend.

This is why I try to work with the whore. My dd is only 8, I have a long road ahead with that one

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