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On a "family" trip

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careerlady posted 11/16/2013 22:28 PM

So I served STBX 12 days ago. So why are we on a family trip in the hot springs? Because my NPD husband announced that he was going and taking DS16months who he's never been further than the grocery store with alone. He then asked if I was coming (trying to control me I know). With no custody orders I have no basis to keep him from taking DS so I came. We are now playing happy family. My strategy is I'll be nice as long as he is nice and hopefully if he responds to my petition it won't be so aggressive or maybe the guy is so arrogant he thinks I won't go through with it so he won't even bother and I'll get default. I'm just praying he won't do anything too cruel or rash when he realizes I'm going through with this thing this time.

nowiknow23 posted 11/16/2013 22:30 PM

Oy, honey. Sending you tons of strength. ((((careerlady & DS))))

devistatedmom posted 11/17/2013 08:26 AM

Yikes. You are one strong lady. I hope your lawyer can get through some custody papers in short order so you don't have to do this again! No way would I have been able to do what you are doing. I would have refused to let him take the child, and that would have had its own problems.

Stay strong.

tesla posted 11/17/2013 10:17 AM

That fucking sucks.

Hope the custody papers go through very quickly.

careerlady posted 11/17/2013 12:26 PM

Actually my parents got divorced when I was 16 and lived under the same roof for 2 years, taking trips with me and everything. They still enjoy a great collaborative relationship that I have benefited from. I wouldn't mind doing that for DS's sake.

The problem is I think he thinks we are working towards R and we're not (in fact last time I checked the fing cake eater was still in contact with OW of the month). Otherwise I would be happy to stay friendly like this forever.

Kajem posted 11/17/2013 12:32 PM

Sending strength for you.


careerlady posted 11/17/2013 13:09 PM

Couldn't resist checking his phone while he was in the shower. Looks like he and flavor of the month broke up according to their angry texts. She told him to have a nice life with his wife. Not gonna happen!

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