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Work spouses

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UnexpectedSong posted 11/18/2013 19:55 PM

Were any of your affairs with a "work husband" or "work wife"?

I've had a "work husband". I've had an affair. The two are completely different for me.

leftoolate posted 11/19/2013 09:16 AM

No, I never had a "work husband', or a "work wife", for that matter. I've had colleagues that I felt close with, some that I've stayed in touch with. I had an affair with a former colleague, but it wasn't someone that I worked closely with.

As an aside - I really dislike the term "work spouse". Perhaps I'm not quite understanding it correctly, since I know of no equivalent in my own language.

What are you getting at, UnexpectedSong? Any specific reason for this topic/question?


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Darkness Falls posted 11/19/2013 15:15 PM

My affair was with a coworker.

My job isn't a corporate or office environment, so in my case "coworker" simply means that we work at the same place. Everyone's work is very independent of each other. I have heard the term "work spouse" before but it has never applied to any environment I've ever been a part of.

It has been a problem for me, the choosing to date people I work with. All of my relationships but two have been with people I've met at work (different jobs over the years). XH is also a coworker.

If it should ever not work out with him, I need to be done dating men I work with.

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