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Object of loathing/jealousy

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Marathonwaseasy posted 11/19/2013 11:14 AM

Things are falling into place from events I'd forgotten from years ago to what happened before during and after the A that I know of and from what fwh has told me

Ok, first thing to say is I know it's fwh who broke his vows and OW is not responsible to me etc etc etc

But she hated me for years and sought to destroy me and fwh was weak and vulnerable and bloody ill and wasn't that hard to manipulate.

This all started in April 2009 when I had a very traumatic miscarriage and spent a protracted time in hospital and didn't get home until late the evening of dd (then 8)'s birthday

As a big treat for her once I was better I took a crowd of her friends out to the cinema and hired a Hummer and took them on a tour of the city. Was a blast. One kid who was there was OW's daughter

A few months later OW phoned me and asked for details re the Hummer hire company and then after realising she couldn't afford it gave out to me about how ridiculous it was to spend that money on a little kid's party and she couldn't afford it for her eldest sweet sixteen and had a real nasty snippy moan about it to me. At that time I didn't own any bitch boots so felt really, really guilty. What a crock

Fast forward years and she came to a party at my house, pretended to be my friend and befriended fwh on FB but ignore my friend request, pursued him with constant car problems that were always easy to fix and bitched continuously about me. Post dday she attacked me verbally, sent me texts after texts until I blocked her, attempting to take the moral high ground. FWH says she was always talking about me when they were together - about how it wasn't fair that he went home to me, that why should I have everything?

She was absolutely convinced he would leave me for her and then he would get custody of the kids (as he is main daytime carer for the 3 year old) and then the house and then she could move in and take my life. I know that from the stuff she said to me.

We are NC with her but she approached him recently and he ran away but I think we might need to get law/police involved as she stills thinks he wants her.


Hard to take that just for being me and being successful that someone would just want to destroy my life.

Ostrich80 posted 11/19/2013 11:42 AM

Ewww, she sounds like a freak. Scary to think she was planning your removal from your own family. She a nutjob for sure. I agree, you may need to take an extra step in keeping her at bay.

Truly posted 11/19/2013 12:04 PM

I think she deserves your pity. lol
What a stupid bitch she must be to think she could take over someone else's life. She's at least a sandwich short of a picnic. She needs special help as she is clearly 'special'.
You are head and shoulders above her in EVERY way imaginable.

Sadly, I have one of these ( make that 2).
Batty as fruit cakes. One told her friends and family that they were engaged, she later said she was pregnant and that they were living together. Um...where were we living then?
She said that she never knew about me although she sent texts, phone calls, photos, cards and gifts to me at my house FOR YEARS.
She spoke to and emailed my WH's exW and used his DD to send messages etc. So desperate was she that she flashed her naked posterior to my 10yr old SD in a crowed public place cos, 'Now you see what your daddy likes!'
Oh, and I forgot, she needed my WH as her 'friend' because she is 'shy'...despite sending naked photos of herself to WH and SD(?) and posting them on Fb...and yes, she still messages and emails now...
t/j To add to another thread running today:
The things I have wanted to do to that woman cannot be written down, ever.
Evisceration is too good for her. end t/j

But she's 43yrs old and still all alone with no partner and no friends... I wonder why that is??

Do get the law involved, we have had to. They can't do anything yet but at least it's documented.
Keep on keeping on (((((MWE)))))) So good to know we are not alone!
Kia kaha

Ostrich80 posted 11/19/2013 15:51 PM

she flashed her naked posterior to my 10yr old SD in a crowed public place cos, 'Now you see what your daddy likes!'

Oh boy, special kind of effed up ^^^^^^

Truly posted 11/20/2013 11:33 AM

Oh, yes indeed!

...and don't forget she's shy

...and they wonder why we detest them!

((((Marathonwaseasy)))) I do have to say that the whole experience is vomitable and exhausting, it has at times left me feeling without hope. I imagine that it has been like this for you.
A bunny boiler adds another foul layer to this hell.

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