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Guess it's time for me to join this club...

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Fractured.Us posted 11/19/2013 13:20 PM

Well, so much for R and two years of wasted effort. I know everyone says to trust but verify, but I was stupid and only trusted. Until someone dropped a hint that not all is as it seemed.

I've been married for most of my adult life and this is the last thing I thought I'd end up doing and I've no idea where to start.

Anyone can give me advice on filing for divorce while Spouse is currently residing overseas? Do I file and send the paperwork to his current known address to preempt custody?Do I need to retain a lawyer there?

Gawd I hate this!

MovingUpward posted 11/19/2013 14:25 PM

I think that your first step is to interview some attorneys to see it there is a one you feel most comfortable working with. You might get a court clerk to be able to answer your question about serving divorce papers over seas. Typically there needs to be a record that he has

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Fractured.Us posted 11/19/2013 17:58 PM

Thanks for replying. I started making calls today, and out of several in my city only one so far seems to have at least some experience involving overseas.

I'm not sure what to do. Try to talk to the WH for an amicable divorce, or hire a PI there and dig for everything I can first? Not much assets left to squabble over. I'm only worried about custody of my kids.

Shattered-Heart posted 11/26/2013 00:29 AM

So much depends on what countries are involved. Go online to the nearest big city and look for lawyers specializing in international divorce.
PM me if you like, I can share what (little) I know if it's relevant to where you're located... hard to know from your post.
It all sucks, but you can come up with some good questions to ask, and get several free consultations. I actually paid a pretty dime for a consultation with someone but he/they knew a hell of a lot so it was worth it just in terms of my sanity. Same issue, anxiety over custody issue.
You're in exactly the spot I dread reaching - two years wasted with false R. What a jerk!

crisp posted 11/26/2013 05:52 AM

Why is international law an issue? You might find that it is not, especially if most of the assets are gone.

WeepingBuddhist posted 11/26/2013 06:56 AM

don't talk with your WS until you've got a lawyer!!! Once you have representation, if all goes well, hooray, but once he knows, he might make things much more difficult. This is not a person who is concerned with your happiness!

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