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ex-shat funny

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tesla posted 11/20/2013 21:17 PM

Had a friend over for dinner this evening. She's married to ex-shat's best friend, so we don't see each other often and I've been pretty careful in our friendship since d-day.

After Teslet went to bed, she told me the funniest fucking thing. They rent out a house but have been having problems with their tenant. My friend's husband tells my friend not to worry because ex-shat would be able to represent them in court if it came to it. Apparently ex-shat told her husband that he knocked it out of the ballpark in court and that the judge complimented him on how well he handled himself and that he had the makings of a fine litigator.

Oh god, please someone stop!!!!! There aren't enough laughing emoticons on this site to adequately portray my reaction to this.


I told her that if she enjoyed being embarassed and made a fool of in court, then they should definetly ask for him to represent them

In other news, stripper-whore had to undergo surgery to remove a portion of her cervix...reason unclear.

And he didn't tell best friend that he had proposed to stripper whore...he had to bring it up to ex-shat.

Also no date set yet. I told my friend that they need to hurry up and set a date because I plan to have a fabulous party on the same day and goddammit, I'm a planner, I need to know these things!

On the bad side, she told me that when Teslet is over there that he stays up till 2:30/3:00 a.m. I suspected that from what Teslet had told me (He never falls asleep in his bed, he sleeps out on the couch, he wakes up by himself, no one wakes up with him, he gets his own breakfast.) I wish there was something that I could do about that.

No ruling yet on the court case. That's a little frustrating...I expected something well before now.

Nature_Girl posted 11/20/2013 21:27 PM


PurpleRose posted 11/20/2013 21:29 PM

Ok now that is fecking hilarious!!!

It's kind of scary how delusional these people are!?!!!! What in the actual fuck?

Phoenix1 posted 11/20/2013 21:41 PM

sunsetslost posted 11/20/2013 21:47 PM

Love ya Tess. You made my night. Love and strength girl. Hammer his dumb ass to the wall just don't use too many big words

IrishLass518 posted 11/20/2013 21:50 PM

Really? He said that? Out loud? He is really drinking too much of his Kool-Aid these days

ruinedandbroken posted 11/20/2013 22:01 PM

I can't believe you haven't gotten a ruling yet. How frustrating!

Ex-shat is in his own little ex-shat la la land! lol

Gr8Lady posted 11/21/2013 00:25 AM

Your ex needs a reality show.... Lets think of names?

I am this delusional?

Adventures of stripper/whore and delusional fool

Or maybe.... Fuck dynasty


newlysingle posted 11/21/2013 00:51 AM

That is hysterical!

The stuff about Teslet staying up late and getting up by himself would piss me off. How old is he again? I thought he might be younger than my DD (she's 6) and I would not be okay with her having to get up by herself and make breakfast. That has to really affect his schooling when he's up so late there on the weekends.

SBB posted 11/21/2013 01:48 AM

That is unfucking-believable.

The stuff about Teslet makes me weep. I've heard horrid stories about bedtime - my 3 year old is developing a fear of the dark because the fucker lights up their room like Christmas then as punishment if they muck around he makes it pitch black, closes the door and let's them scream.

There's also the bathroom trips in the night where Miss 3 had time to flood his bathroom. I feel like I have to wait for her to scald herself or fucking drown before any action can be taken.

It is pure agony. I've had to box it up and put it aside lest it sends me over the edge.

I'm so sorry Tesla.

HurtsButImOK posted 11/21/2013 02:46 AM

Your belly must be sore from all the laughing

Sorry that you received even more confirmation that he sucks as a dad though. How very fortunate that Teslet has you to re-parent him in such an awesome manner.

Amazonia posted 11/21/2013 05:52 AM

Tempering expectations here: I have heard of plenty of judges who are significantly lenient on those who represent themselves in court against another party with an attorney. Like, a pity judgment. It makes sense when you think of a situation where the one who can afford counsel hires a shark to screw over the poorer, less able party through strong legal arguments, and the pro se isn't well enough versed in the law to defend themselves. Some judges will sort of give a benefit of the doubt. I had actually wondered if that might be a consideration in why your judgment is taking so long.

tesla posted 11/21/2013 06:24 AM

Geez Ama, I hope not, as he makes 6 times what I make and showed up with stripper the judge can kinda guess where the money is going.

I could see not getting the contempt ruling as he looked clueless to me. Maybe that is where a pity ruling would fall. But the tax return is cut and dry. Even if it was a pity ruling, would it take nearly a month to deliver?

betrayedfriend posted 11/21/2013 07:20 AM

Man, he is just so clueless, it almost hurts! Hot damn, can't wait til you have a judgement in hand. I'm sure it'll be in your favor. Now for a tv title... So You Think You Can Date a Stripper?!

Undefinabl3 posted 11/21/2013 14:46 PM

betrayedfriend posted 11/21/2013 16:42 PM

U13 for the win!

[This message edited by betrayedfriend at 4:43 PM, November 21st (Thursday)]

Amazonia posted 11/21/2013 17:14 PM

No idea. I do hope it ends in your favor, but who knows what is going on in the judge's mind.

tesla posted 11/22/2013 06:31 AM

Oh goodness.
He just texted me last night because he doesn't understand how to read the visitation schedule when Teslet's birthday falls within a holiday.

Then he asks if I knew why the judge was taking so long on the ruling because he had said that it wouldn't take that long.

Gee, dumbass, wouldn't you know??? I'm sure the judge asked you out for drinks on his swanky beach house balcony since you are such a fine litigator. Surely you are in the loop with the judge's thinking.

And why the fuck would he think that I know anything?

Fucking idiot.

devistatedmom posted 11/22/2013 17:38 PM

He is an idiot. That's why you are where you are!

SBB posted 11/22/2013 17:50 PM

And why the fuck would he think that I know anything?

He seems to have ramped up the inane contact don't you think?

Talking about court seems to be his new "Nice Weather We're Heaving" opener.

Maybe your NC is still giving him a whiff of ego kibbles. I'd leave it a few days before responding about the birthday. I'd ignore the ruling question.

He is a fucking idiot fuckwit burger with a side of whore fries.

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