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No wonder he's such a pigfucker...

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CheaterMagnet posted 11/21/2013 18:39 PM

You know, I usually take the high road about my ex-monster-in-law (Pigfuckers Mom), but today I have flames coming out my ears. DS24 sent me a text saying that ExMIL left a flyer for a "Hospitality House" (emergency shelter) next to his bed with a note saying "I think you are too old to be living here (meaning with his Dad)." This is her GRANDSON! OK, now first of all, DS24 has Asperger's. He struggles with anxiety and impulse control. He sometimes needs help managing his money. He doesn't drive. They live in a podunk little town with very little employment opportunity. He's also planning on enlisting in the Navy soon.

His father (ExMIL's precious son) is behind on the rent on the house that they live in (they rent from ExMIL), and this is somehow DS's fault. Not Pigfucker's fault because he is giving money to his new girlfriend (the one he cheated on his 4th ex-wife with) trying to look like a big shot. GOD FORBID Pigfucker should EVER be held responsible for ANY decision he makes in his life. It always has to be someone else's fault. And since I am not around and ExW#4 (and neither of his other 2 ex-wives) is not around it has to be DS's fault. This is the same woman who gave Pigfucker and his girlfriend $26,000 to buy a house WHILE HE WAS STILL MARRIED TO ME!!!! And then when they defaulted and the house foreclosed and she lost the money, tried to tell ME that I owed HALF!

What a fucking delusional bitch she is. Honestly, I wish she'd just up and die already. She's poisoned enough people for any 10 lifetimes. Fucking hypocritical cold-hearted ice queen. I am shaking with anger right now! I want to punch her in the face. Grrrrrrrr. Go back to Hell you evil, evil woman.

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Vulcanized posted 11/21/2013 18:47 PM

Guess the asshole didn't fall far from the asshole. Clear to see why XH is so disconnected from reality.

CheaterMagnet posted 11/21/2013 19:42 PM


How can you suggest that your Grandson go to a homeless shelter???? Your Grandson who is regularly suicidal because of the anxiety and depression???

Oh yeah, it's a GREAT idea to make him feel unwanted and unwelcome.

I am so angry. I just can't even think.

shiloe posted 11/21/2013 19:53 PM

Wow, what a sweet grandma.
She trying to get rid of him?

Ignore her.


jjsr posted 11/21/2013 19:59 PM

She sounds like a horrible person.
I do want to see gently if your son is an Aspie maybe the Navy is not the right thing for him. The military is a stressful way to make a living. I know I am an Army wife.

Nature_Girl posted 11/21/2013 20:00 PM

How horrible. Absolutely horrible. I hope when your son is out from under her roof you give her a piece of your mind

CheaterMagnet posted 11/21/2013 20:11 PM

I know, JJSR. I have VERY mixed feelings about him joining the Navy. However, his ex-wife (yes, he's been married - to a fellow Aspie) has been in the Navy for 3 years now and is doing fine. He's been doing lots of research to prepare himself. If he makes it though basic he should be fine. He's worked very hard on his issues and has come a lot further than anyone thought he would.

And, as an adult, I can't do anything to stop him. I've told him my fears and he has answered them. That's all I can do.

NG - I haven't spoken to the nasty bitch since 2002. I don't think I have any breath to waste on her. She wouldn't care anyway and it would just piss me off more. There is a special place in Hell for her. There has to be.

anewday78 posted 11/21/2013 21:15 PM

For the record, I have not yet read your post so I apologize in advance for this, which is strictly my reaction to the title you've given this thread:

I literally laughed out loud when I saw it! Best rant intro ever! Okay, now I'm going to read your post.

anewday78 posted 11/21/2013 21:22 PM

Wow, cheatermagnet, after reading your post, I have to agree that they really are pigfuckers.
I have to agree with Vulcanized's very succinct and spot-on response:

Guess the asshole didn't fall far from the asshole. Clear to see why XH is so disconnected from reality.
My, we are in rare form tonight, aren't we?

SBB posted 11/21/2013 21:25 PM

Guess the asshole didn't fall far from the asshole. Clear to see why XH is so disconnected from reality.


I hope your son knows what a giant, steaming, soulless POS she is. Does he have to be there, around her? He does need to GTFO but not because what she says is true but because it sounds positively toxic.

anewday78 posted 11/21/2013 21:27 PM

P.S. You should mail your son an informational packet on hospice and tell him to leave it for his grandmother along with a note that says, "don't you think it's about fucking time you do us all a REAL favor?"

CheaterMagnet posted 11/21/2013 21:53 PM

anewday!!! How about just a note saying, "I think you're too old to live."

Thanks. I needed that.

anewday78 posted 11/21/2013 22:14 PM

How about just a note saying, "I think you're too old to live."

SBB posted 11/22/2013 00:30 AM

too mean more like it....

sparkysable posted 11/22/2013 10:14 AM

So she expects her grandson, who has some disabilities, to be thrown out and live in a homeless shelter, but yet she had no problem giving money to her son for a house for him and his OW while he was married?

Wow, she's disgusting.

CheaterMagnet posted 11/25/2013 20:44 PM

It just keeps getting better. Apparently, DS24 is FB "friends" with his cousin (daughter of Pigfucker's sister). Cousin decided she should tell Grandma what DS posted on his FB regarding the flyer. (I assume she also told her about the suggestion I copied from anewday - I sure hope so!).

Well, Pigfucker immediately runs to DS24 and tells him, "You know Grandma is going to kick you out now, right?" Nice. Wonderful. Fucking Father of the Year, right here folks!

But I am so proud of my DS24. He actually contacted his Grandmother and told her how he felt. She apparently "understands," and wants to help him. Her idea of helping him? Giving him money so he can buy a plane ticket to live here with me in Hawaii. Thank you Grandma for helping me get my son an ocean away from your poison and your useless excuse for a son. Thank you for shattering his dream of a career in the military by making him feel useless and a failure.

My son continues to amaze me with his capacity for forgiveness toward those who cause him harm. I couldn't do it. Meanwhile, I can look forward to having my son here with me where he can get the support he needs. I'm not sad he isn't going into the Navy, but I am angry at the reason why. That he feels like he isn't good enough and he won't make it.

Rot in Hell, Pigfucker and the rest of your fucked up family. You and your "Christianity" are why people turn from religion. There is a special place in Hell for your ilk.

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