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New Realization: Feel Like I've Been Punched in the Gut

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jzkc1502 posted 11/22/2013 09:49 AM

To this day WH has always stuck to his story that his 200+ calls and 200+ texts to Craigslist escorts were only because he liked the way they made him feel and for self esteem purpose, and that he never actually met one. Of all these calls, there were a few numbers that appeared to be "regulars" that he called and texted more often that other numbers that may have been tried only once or twice.

In May 2010 we went on our honeymoon to Honolulu. The few days before we left and right when we got back he was texting/calling one of the "regulars" (in addition to other escorts). While we were on our honeymoon, he booked me a 90min massage. During this time, I found he called 2 local escorts in Honolulu. My "new realization" is this: IF his story were true, that the calls/texts were self esteem only, then why not continue the call/texts with the "regular" from where we are from? Instead, he sought out LOCAL escorts to contact. To me, this implies very strongly that his story is a lie and that his intent was to meet. Also, the fact that he could leave me on the beach and go to a stripclub for an hour on the honeymoon proves he is capable of crossing a serious line and putting himself in that situation.

God I feel like such an idiot. I can't bare the fact thinking he actually met an escort on our honeymoon, while I was none the wiser getting a massage, thinking my husband loved me and just wanted to pamper me.

Pentup posted 11/22/2013 09:51 AM


tushnurse posted 11/22/2013 12:33 PM


Don't beat yourself up. It's gonna take awhile for you to wrap your head around it all, and don't be surprised if a year from now you see, hear, or do something that makes something else click.

Now he's still lying, that seems to be a bigger issue.

((((and strength))))

Skan posted 11/22/2013 12:55 PM

(((hugs))) That's just fricking heartless.

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