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2014 what will it bring you?

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Bluebird26 posted 11/24/2013 05:21 AM

With only a month till Christmas, it has got me thinking about things I want to achieve next year. What is your wish list for 2014. Things to accomplish, maybe a few bucket list things ticked off or something you want to see happen. I feel like much of 2013 I have been simply treading water, so I want some new goals for the new year.

I'll start with a few:

1. A trip away with the kids to a new destination - not sure where yet though.
2. I would like to try something new, something like paddle boarding.
3. To work more on me for 2014, get back to the healthy me and lose some weight. Which if I'm happier and healthier will inturn help me a better mother to my kids.

newnormal posted 11/24/2013 06:06 AM

1. A mission trip to central America. Too bad my XWX wants to make this his first. Good thing its a big group and God is faithful to give us strength.
2. 1st quarter 2014: finish cleaning up all the crap out of the house X left behind. That includes giving me a little more time to finish healing. Dday was 6 years ago but I want to prove to myself that I can be happy as a singleton.
3. Start dating. I've been married twice, but never really dated. Both times I got serious too fast. This time I want to meet some guy friends first.

seekingright2013 posted 11/24/2013 06:06 AM

Great topic, I have been thinking about this very thing!

-- finish my masters plus 30 (another certification level and pay raise)
-- only 19 lbs to a 'normal' bmi
-- clean the garage
-- two places I want to visit this year: Taos and the Guggenheim in NYC.

I know what you mean about treading water. I'm finding I can finally start focusing on the present and future, and the past has less of a hold on me.

risingfromashes posted 11/24/2013 07:00 AM

Thank you for this post! It is powerful to name your goals.

1. Complete my masters and build a career in my new
2. Learn to kind and forgiving to myself.

3. Organize,organize,organize!

Sad in AZ posted 11/24/2013 07:17 AM

I hit the big 6-0 this year. I think this is the year to make that trip to Hawaii

movingforward13 posted 11/24/2013 07:22 AM

I turn 30 so I intend on making my 2014 full of changes.
I get officially divorced in 10 days so 2014, I will be single.
I graduate with a second bachelors in less than 3 weeks.
I intend on relocating from my current state and starting a career.
Since my ex husband and I have been separated for almost a year now, I feel ready to seriously date again and I look forward to it when I relocate.

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gahurts posted 11/24/2013 08:11 AM

1. I'll have a new job in 2014. Don't know what yet but I have two options I'm looking at.

2. Really ramp up my running to get a run in every other day.

3. Lose 20 - 30 lbs and get back to my best weight I had before my surgery.

cmego posted 11/24/2013 08:23 AM

1. Working my ass off in school.
2. Start interning in my new career.
3. Learn to be a better dater. I seem to suck at it.

tryingagain74 posted 11/24/2013 08:41 AM

Well, possibly quite a bit!

I'm considering a job change, but it's early days yet.

I would like to take a small overnight trip with my kids.

I think I'm open to the possibility of dating, but like newnormal stated, I want to be relaxed and slow about it. Things got serious pretty quickly with XWH, and I'm not the least bit interested in repeating that mistake.

I want to get back into better self care-- maybe taking yoga and/or meditation classes again, going for more massages (my first is next week!), getting out and walking again.

IrishLass518 posted 11/24/2013 11:29 AM


1. Continue to get as much training and education as I can in order to prepare myself for advancement at my job.
2. More money coming in as I get my 6 month and 1 year review.
3. Still rebuilding my credit and it is going well so far.
4. Travel a bit with IrishLad. Closer to home destinations this year.
5. Continue to focus on me and my healing (I have finally reached indifference)
6. Continue to grow and be grateful for where I am on the journey to where I want to be
7. To start getting in shape and exercising. I miss it and I can't afford a gym membership. I am hoping I can buy a treadmill or something come tax return time.

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tesla posted 11/24/2013 12:02 PM

I like this topic!

Hopefully 2014 will bring me -

1. A qualifying time for the Boston marathon.
2. There were two things I lost the desire to do after D-day: knit and brew beer. I just finished a hat for Teslet and am working on a scarf for him. Now, if I could start brewing again next year, I would really feel like I reclaimed something.
3. My folks are within 5 years of retiring and my dad made a very interesting proposal to me. It's a great idea but I'll need to get a couple of financial ducks in a row during 2014 to make it happen...and see how the housing market is doing in my area...and be willing to pull the trigger if/when the opportunity presents itself...I dunno, we'll see.
4. More camping with Teslet. We got two weekend campouts in last year. Hoping for 4 weekend campouts and one longer campout somewhere interesting this summer.

fraeuken posted 11/24/2013 13:07 PM

I play too:

1. Taking my house back when my roommate moves out and turning the den and the bedroom and bathroom she is renting into my sanctuary. And while I am at it, continuing to de-clutter and upgrading the rest of the house room by room.

2. Working my two additional contract jobs as much as possible to stash away the money for travel with DDs.

3. Going to Hawaii with DDs in February.

4. Starting my flight training.

5. Going to Europe with DDs for 4 weeks in June/July.

6. Losing a few pounds and getting back into shape.

7. NOT do date for all of 2014. 2014 is ME time only

phmh posted 11/24/2013 17:02 PM

I haven't finalized goals yet, but I do have some (of course, because I am type-A and listy!):

1. Marathons in at least 2 more states

2. Race at least 300 miles

3. Read at least 52 books

4. Go to at least 12 concerts

5. Go to at least 24 movies in the theater

6. Average yoga at least 3 times per week

7. Average at least 30 miles running per week

8. Bike to work more days in 2014 than 2013

9. Europe with my mom (she wants to meet my host families from when I was an exchange student nearly 20 years ago.)

10. Finish knitting the Chicago Bears scarf for my friend Kate

11. Brew a batch of mead

12. Paint my bedroom and get my fabulous closet lights installed

It's going to be a great year!

PurpleBirch posted 11/24/2013 21:29 PM

11. Brew a batch of mead

phmh: I tried mead a few years ago (raspberry, yum!), but it's something like $200 for 6 cans... Please send me some. LOL

PurpleBirch posted 11/24/2013 21:36 PM

I think two goals are realistic for me at this time. If I add too many, I may not accomplish them all.

I will:

1- Start saving money. (Hopefully the lawyer will be all paid up by the new year and I can actually start doing this!)

2- Continue working to improve my organization.

GabyBaby posted 11/24/2013 22:05 PM

2013 was spent trying to keep our heads above water. Hubby was unemployed from August 2012 til a month ago. Our savings are completely wiped out and we have bills that are behind still.

So with that in mind, for 2014:
1. Rebuild savings with a larger buffer (8+ months rather than 3-4 months of income).
2. Pay off any remaining credit card debt.
3. Study for CPA exam.
4. Save for a romantic get away for hubby and me.
5. Lose the remaining (stubborn) 20lbs that I keep losing a portion of, then regaining.

ETA: That should have read August 2012, not August 2013.

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Bluebird26 posted 11/25/2013 03:28 AM

Wow I am in awe of you guys, so many wonderful goals

FaithFool posted 11/25/2013 10:36 AM

Well winter semester is my time for setting social life aside and going for it in the education dept.


- Two evening history seminars:

One about homicide in Britain (juicy and I love the prof) and one about the fantasy world of Tolkein (yes this is a for-credit course!). Apparently the prof is a total wonk, so it should be intense but interesting).

- The next online course for HTML web stuff (the last of two prerequisites), it's only six weeks so I'll be done by mid February and will be able to focus on the history assignments after that until April. And with the pre-reqs completed I'll be able to cherry-pick dates and times for the rest of the certificate courses over the summer and fall.

- Sting + Paul Simon at the end of February!!!!

- Summer road trip to take one of my handmade guitars back to its maker for a serious makeover. He has not seen it in probably 20 years, and he lives up country on a beautiful piece of land, so it will take me to places I haven't seen in at least that long, last time with my mom in 1995.

- A week with my BFF who is coming from Doha to stay in July. She loves my new place so much she's decided to make it an annual visit.

- Learning some classical and Spanish pieces on my (hopefully-soon-to-be-in-my-hands!) new nylon string guitar. I'm ordering it from France and it's one of only six in the world of that kind. That's MY 60th birthday/Xmas present to myself.

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Phoenix1 posted 11/25/2013 12:47 PM

Since 2013 has sucked incredibly, I am really looking forward to starting a new year! A couple of things include:

1. Going to Turks and Caicos Islands with DD17 in March for my Independence Celebration trip (subsidized with proceeds with XPOS's crap left at my house that I sold, seemed appropriate). Promised DD earlier this year that I would take her on a trip somewhere when the dust settled because she has been through so much as well.
2. Try to get in better physical shape. Am thinking about trying to get back into martial arts (for the exercise aspect) that I did for years before it fell by the wayside because of XPOS.
3. Pick at least one major outside project for the house to get done. That is part of my long term plan to do one thing each year outside to increase property value for when I go to sell it in 4-5 years (inside has been done already).
4. Enjoy having DS20 back home when he exits the military in July. All my kids will be near me again!

PhoenixRising88 posted 11/25/2013 13:21 PM

GREAT POST!!! Nice to be able to put positive thoughts out there..

1) Finish MBA. Should be done next November.

2) Divorce final by end Feb - Mid-March.

3) Hopefully close on the dream home I've found (made offer contingent upon not being able to close until divorce is final (ninety days-ish); waiting to see if they accept my offer or not)

4) Teach myself how to play the dulcimer and how to garden without killing plants :)

5) Spend more time with family and friends and Laugh more!

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