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Dr. Phil's Clothes

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Waiting4Daylite posted 11/24/2013 05:23 AM

Is it me or did Dr. Phil put his regular street clothes back on? Or, worse - did I miss Thanksgiving?

Lyonesse posted 11/24/2013 08:38 AM

I guess Phil lost his holiday spirit. Or, wait, maybe he is just making the big wardrobe change for Christmas!!

jrc1963 posted 11/24/2013 10:38 AM

God Forbid... as long as he's not naked!

scared&stronger posted 11/24/2013 12:27 PM

Jeaniegirl posted 11/24/2013 13:32 PM

I guess I may be the odd woman out on this site but I simply cannot stand Dr. Phil and don't trust anything he has to say. So I don't care what he wears.

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