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i was supposed to get married yesterday

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raich posted 11/24/2013 10:28 AM

Guests, plans, rings, clothes it was all set and ready for the 22 november for my wedding. Now i had 4 awkward exhausting days of guests here who came to visit despite the wedding being cancelled as i found out about what the bride to be had been up to while i as lone provider was at work.

Now i get triggered at every hint or reference to weddings. Feel so angry, depressed and just shattered. So many triggers and i see the pics again as clearly as i saw them the first time and it dawns on me again what she did.

nowiknow23 posted 11/24/2013 10:30 AM

((((raich)))) Sending you strength.

whiteflower99 posted 11/24/2013 10:42 AM

Oh my... I am so sorry. I can't even begin to imagine what that what that must be like.
It is so public!!
Hugs and strength and peace to you.

ruby44 posted 11/24/2013 11:00 AM

I am so sorry, hugs to you and the kids. There is no easy way to get thru this and I am just a few steps ahead of you. I find my strength thru my faith, family and friends and you need to surround yourself with whatever will strengthen you in this horror that is your life right now. Use your guests as a distraction because once they are gone, it will be difficult. Return here often, you will find too many people that share your story and get a little comfort from that. Be as strong as you can and lean on someone you trust. You can do this.

Thinkingtoomuch posted 11/24/2013 12:15 PM

Gosh,raich, hang in there. So sorry this happened. Hard to put it into words.

Stay strong, hate to say it but good that you found out now.. This is the right place to come for now and in the near future at least. It's so hard...

Will be thinking of you...

Stillstings posted 11/24/2013 12:24 PM

Cancelling the wedding and dealing with guests? VERY strong of you in my book.

headdesk posted 11/24/2013 12:27 PM


Don't feel like you have to hold the world on your shoulders either. If you need a break, go hide in your room or go for a walk or drive. Give yourself permission to fall apart a little if that's what you need. Hang in there.

jo2love posted 11/24/2013 13:02 PM


I am so sorry. Sending you strength.

jjsr posted 11/24/2013 14:49 PM

I am sorry. Be glad you dodged that bullet of getting married to her.

Getting to Happy posted 11/24/2013 14:53 PM

Oh my Raich. What a drag...hang in there buddy. Lean on us, we are here and we are listening.

Be glad you dodged that bullet of getting married to her.


Peace and Clarity to you my friend.

RidingHealingRd posted 11/25/2013 01:29 AM

That is so difficult to deal with...I a so sorry.

Someday you will look back on this and be so thankful that you did not marry her.

Wishing you a happier future without her.

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