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Not sure it ever ends...

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TrulySad posted 11/25/2013 10:05 AM

I was looking at some pictures from 18 years ago, today. It's a special day, and I wanted to look back at that time. Wasn't thinking about anything else...

Saw the pictures, my ex-husband(the proud new daddy of our son), and FUCK that bastard!!! He's acting as though he's the doting husband to me, his wife. I NEVER KNEW!!! That he was having an affair at that time. His OW even brought me dinner at the hospital, as a kind gesture from a coworker . Fucking WHORE!

I found out 5 years later, and it took five more years for me to realize living with vomit isn't my cup of tea,

Just sad today, looking back. It changes how I see those pictures. How I see that time.

I told my WBF today how I was feeling... he said he was so sorry for what I had gone through, and how sorry he was for what he did too. Again, . My WBF knew before he cheated and lied to me. So bullshit on the being sorry for what I've gone through. If he was so sorry, why would he too have done the same damn thing.

Damn it, I'm just not sure it ever ends...

Raven96 posted 11/25/2013 11:10 AM

Yeah, I don't know how you ever trust again. Especially when a second person betrays you. I just can't believe how easy it is for some people to do.

I'm sorry this is a tough day for you. You can flip that first situation around, pathetic is THAT to bring food to the WIFE of your F-Buddy after she just had his child?!?!??? Sick and wrong!

Do something special for yourself today.


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