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New job and two weeks out of town...

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cl131716 posted 11/25/2013 11:46 AM

Finally WH got a new job. I am sooo relieved he is out of there and finally away from OW. However, he will be training in another state for two weeks. I am so uneasy about that. I don't think he will do anything but the last two times he traveled out of state for his previous job some strange things happened that left questions in my mind. He still denies anything happened either time and IDK I guess I believe him. I have no proof otherwise.
The first time he grabbed a bite to eat with the coworker he was traveling with and I couldn't get ahold of him for over 3 hours. I called and called and at first it just rang then went to voicemail, later it would go straight to voicemail.
The second time he went out of town he friended a woman from a Barlesque that worked in the very town he had just traveled to. He claimed it was a coincidence. Idk....

Uh, I am thrilled he has a new job but so nervous about him being states away for two weeks!

tushnurse posted 11/25/2013 12:09 PM

Travel was a big trigger for me, post Dday since H commited his A out of town, and I am fairly certain that she traveled with him at least one time. ....Anyway that being said we laid some new ground rules for travel to help me stay sane while he was gone, he had to do a week of training in Miami with this job.

1. During business hours I understand that he is in training/meetings, etc, and do not expect any texts or calls. If I do text him, I do expect to hear something within 2 hours, as most of this stuff allows for a potty break about that frequently. He would often jut send me a text to say I miss you or something.

2. After work hours he was to call me, and let me know what the plans were for the evening, and give me a timeline of when he would be where, and often would send me a pic of dinner, or a the group he was with.

3. At bedtime he would call from his room, and usually after a day of meetings, and a drink or two with dinner he was falling asleep, and I could hear it in his voice, so I knew he was going to bed, alone.

Other things he did was to send me pics of his room, send me a fax love letter from the hotels stationary, as I was always the first one into work, that was always nice to find.

You don't have any control over him, but you can ask for him to do these things so that you don't loose your mind with it, and he should be more than happy to not participate in any behavior that would make you uncomfortable, ie, no titty bars etc.

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