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Thanksgiving remembered

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brkn_heartd posted 11/28/2013 19:26 PM

Thanksgiving used to always be a big tradition at our home. We were usually the hosts for the family gathering. My Mother died in early 2009 and my FWH started his A in August 2009. He was in the middle of it in Nov 2009. We went to our son's home that year for Thanksgiving. They typically celebrated with friends and not family. It was very obvious that we crimped the party (i.e. no pot allowed with parents around).We haven't been back for Thanksgiving. Not to mention FWH was being an a$$ that day to me. Since then we have moved farther away from our family for employment.

It is now 2013. We had a very nice, quiet day with the just the 2 of us. Our daughter was working and we will do a family dinner tomorrow. It has been a very nice day. The pain is gone. We did briefly speak of it today. During our blessing tonight at dinner, he thanked God for me giving him another chance, and he was choking up during his prayer.

I tell this story to those that are just experiencing the pain of betrayal for your first holiday season. It does get better. It is possible to have a holiday without the A dominating everything about the day. R is possible if FWS is committed to trying.

SI has made a huge impact in my life and recovery. I only wished I had found them when I was dealing with the A. There is so much support and wisdom. I am very Thankful that the wonderful people here offer so much support.

LosferWords posted 11/28/2013 19:41 PM

Thank you for the message of hope! I'm glad things are going better for you.

Jrazz posted 11/29/2013 00:33 AM

Great report, brkn_heartd!

Shattered-Heart posted 11/29/2013 00:48 AM

I'm glad you had a nice, peaceful day. Hope to follow in your shoes right now, as for me the season from now to VDay is one giant trigger.
Hope you have a wonderful dinner tomorrow night, too.

yousaid4ever posted 11/29/2013 02:39 AM

Thank you, it is so encouraging to hear that it can and does get better. Am very happy for you and for the Thanksgiving you shared with your hubby.

yousaid4ever posted 11/29/2013 02:40 AM

sorry, double post.

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TennisTC posted 11/29/2013 09:29 AM

Thank you for your post. This is my first holiday season after the A, which was going on this time last year. The holiday season feels tainted to me this year, and it's encouraging to hear that it's possible it won't always be this way. I hope you have a wonderful dinner tonight.

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