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Oooops, I think I ticked her off

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IrishLass518 posted 11/30/2013 12:32 PM

I really don't care that I did but she is showing her cards.

Backstory is, last weekend when I picked up IrishLad from my oldest son he asks me if IrishLad is coming this weekend as there was some confusion on the part of xWH and OWifetress. XWH was certain that he has IrishLad for part of the holiday weekend (he does) and OWifetress said no IrishLad only comes on the 2nd and 4th weekends (he does but the visitation changes for holidays). I confirmed with oldest son that IrishLad would indeed be there for 2 days of the Thanksgiving Holiday. We had it all worked out and I left last weekend thinking all was good.

I bring IrishLad up last night and oldest son takes him over to xWH and no one is home. He calls, OWifetress answers and when he asks where are you guys, he is told they are over an hour away. Oldest son says I am at your place to drop off IrishLad. OWifetress says, "I told you he doesn't come this weekend" and then proceeds to argue with oldest son (oldest son is not a happy camper with her attitude). xWH says from the background that they will of course take him this weekend and that he knew he was supposed to get some holiday time. My two boys come back and relay this to me. I keep my cool and we deal with it and I say it was just a misunderstanding no big deal. Inside, I am laughing because that woman just outed herself, she doesn't want MY son there anymore than SHE deems is necessary and she is PISSED that we all ignored HER decree of him not visiting this weekend.
Yup, xWH done got himself a keeper

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PurpleRose posted 11/30/2013 12:37 PM

I am so happy to see she is enjoying all the happiness she deserved to get! What a bitch.

confused615 posted 11/30/2013 14:33 PM

I don't give two shits that the bitch is pissed.

But I feel SO bad for your DS. I hope she doesn't make him feel unwanted when he's there.

IrishLass518 posted 11/30/2013 14:50 PM

I feel bad for him too however he KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt that he is loved and wanted by me and xWH. I reinforce that to him all the time.

I do believe that I spoiled her little plan though. I believe she was attempting to convey that IrishLad was not expected to come this weekend and that oldest son and I would just go, "They must have other plans" and go on with the weekend without bringing IrishLad up. Then she would have, post weekend, pulled out the parenting plan, showed xWH that he should have had visitation and once again I am the most horrible, awful, deceitful person ever, don'tcha know?

I have been down this road with OWifetress before. I have learned to read those sign posts.

SBB posted 11/30/2013 17:44 PM

Bitch needs to back the fuck off. Why the fuck is she getting involved? IrishLad shouldn't even need to speak to her about visitation.

Hell would freeze over before I would deal with OWUmpteen or any of his future whores about my children.

I don't give two shits that the bitch is pissed.
But I feel SO bad for your DS. I hope she doesn't make him feel unwanted when he's there.

^^THIS. A thousand times this. Don't make her so important.

Was the drop off time agreed and he just fucked out on his son? I'd be hopping mad right now.

I feel bad for him too however he KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt that he is loved and wanted by me and xWH. I reinforce that to him all the time.

Sorry but he showed up to an empty house - how can there not be doubt that he is loved by and important to his father? Its not your job to reinforce that his father loves him - that's his dad's job.

zWHs actions aren't matching his or your words.

IrishLass518 posted 11/30/2013 18:09 PM

SBB, I do appreciate your anger on behalf of my little IrishLad. To clear things up, IrishLad does NONE of the communication. It is my oldest son who asked me what the schedule was, when xWH's understanding of the schedule and mine matched, oldest son took that as agreement. I know that xWH relies on OWifetress for schedule and I believe she convinced him that IrishLad was not coming this weekend, otherwise xWH would have been there. I do believe that this was a plan for OWifetress to interfere and it didn't work out as she planned.

IrishLass518 posted 11/30/2013 18:27 PM

And just as I suspected. My daughter who lives with me and used to have contact with them, confirmed that OWifetress has the parenting plan for IrishLad and she "interprets" it for xWH without allowing him to see it. Hmmm, hopefully xWH pulls his balls out of her purse.

Griefstricken25 posted 11/30/2013 18:49 PM

Poor little IrishLad. As for your oldest lad, is there any way he can NOT be the middle man with the drop-offs/pickups? That's gotta be hard, even though he is in his mid-20s.

ruinedandbroken posted 11/30/2013 19:08 PM


IrishLass518 posted 11/30/2013 19:20 PM

No, my other option would be meeting with OWifetress for drop off and pick ups. Yes folks, the women who babysits xWH all day is so insecure that she will not allow him to drop off and pick up his own child. I didn't have a child nor a parenting plan with her. Oldest son is amazing and he takes it all in stride. He sees what is happening and he is aware of the situation even if their father is choosing to remain blind.

IrishLass518 posted 12/1/2013 11:51 AM

Just got a text from oldest son, they want me to get IrishLad at 3. This is 4 hours early and this never happens. I am concerned but excited that IrishLad gets to come with me to my parents Thanksgiving gathering

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