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Wayward Husband doesnt know why? Can any waywards help please!!!

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marionwendy posted 11/30/2013 13:05 PM

I found out nearly 3 months ago that my Husband had been first texting with a woman, that then led to a PA that happened only once! He has done all the right things, NC,MC, Remorseful, supportive to me.... But still doesn't know why? Can this be true? Is there really any real answer? We have been together 21 years and have had our ups and downs in our marriage but never this! He is talking a lot more and telling me the answer to the questions I ask but says he really doesn't know why it happened. He tells me if he wasn't as drunk as he was it never would of happened????? Not buying it! How do I really find out the WHY? so this never happens again. PLEASE HELP!

authenticnow posted 11/30/2013 13:44 PM

Please read the Wayward Forum description:A forum for all Former WS's who have ended or trying to end their affairs and are striving to reconcile. BS's are not to post on threads unless the WS is seeking and asks for BS responses. BS's are not to start threads asking questions of the WS's.

You can ask WSs questions in the I Can Relate Forum, BS Questions for Waywards thread.

Thank you.

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