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Anniversary Today

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NewMom0220 posted 12/1/2013 09:56 AM

Today would have been our 6th Anniversary. Not really a milestone. I doubt STBX would even remember.

Last year I was heavily pregnant. A co-worker invited me to a very special evening out that she had an extra ticket for. I asked STBX if I should was on our anniversary. He said sure, go, we can celebrate another night.

On our anniversary I gave him just a card with the understanding we would go to dinner another night. He brushed off the card. Brushed off making plans of any sort. He was already deep in his A. Was probably on the phone with OW when I went to the garage to give him the card. Was definitely on the phone with her all night while I was out at the event. I was so focused on being pregnant and getting ready for the baby that I didn't even notice how little he cared about anything else.

On DDay (10 days after giving birth to our son) he read me a list of reasons he was unhappy with me as a wife, going to the event on our anniversary was on that list. Amongst many other stupid reasons he cheated on me. Nothing on that list was about him. I just wasn't good enough to love anymore. I never made him lasagna. Sex was stale and I was only capable of doing it in 2 positions (I was pregnant with a 10lb baby when he had his affair).

I'm going on a 4 mile walk with DS now to get out of my parents' house for a bit. I have work to do when I get back. This is my little pity party for the day.

I hope in the future I meet a good man, maybe one with a child(ren) of his own. Someone who believes in the vows they take and believes in loving and supporting his partner and dependents. I want to be happy with myself first and have a little family of just me and DS. But I don't want this POS to ruin the life that I wanted for myself and DS and I hope that one day we have the little family that I thought I was bringing DS into. POS STBX can't take that dream from me.

In some ways I feel like today is just another day, but I have this awesome baby who probably wouldn't be here had I not married his father. Hopefully next year the day passes and I don't even realize it.

Blackhair posted 12/1/2013 12:10 PM

I totally agree with you, baby can give you so much strength while going through this, appreciate what you have instead of what you are losing in the marriage will help you move on easily.

Nest year this time you will be in 10 times better position, just hang in there!


Vulcanized posted 12/1/2013 13:06 PM


Who cares whether or not STBX is ruminating on today or not? It hurts b/c you took your M seriously.

Have a nice day w/DS. Next year will be easier, I promise. This past year, it was after dinner before I realized that it was my anni. So it does get easier.

I have no doubt you will meet a decent man in the future, one who deserves a good woman like you.

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