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Romantic playlist, yeah right!

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HormonalWoman posted 12/1/2013 13:35 PM

So my wh dedicated a playlist to me on spotify.

Bit of history, when he returned from his trip where he had his affair, he brought a cd back with him. He listened to it ALL the time in the car. After i found out about the A, i remembered this cd and told him i never wanted to hear anything off it again and one song in particular i named as i remembered it. He assured me i would never hear that song again.

So, i go through the playlist and suddenly get de ja vu at a certain song. Jordin Sparks Tattoo. It suddenly occurs to me this song was on that CD too. It's not the same song i remembered before, but on THAT cd none the less and here it is in a playlist he dedicated to me. Really?!!!

I asked him what it was about "oh i just thought it was a nice song and you're the tattoo on my heart, i didn't really listen to the lyrics" Well i did and it sounds more like a song about your girlfriend than me! SO ALL the songs on the playlist must be equally as meaningless "just nice songs" too then!

jo2love posted 12/1/2013 14:01 PM


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