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Housing decision

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hopeandchange posted 12/1/2013 17:49 PM

I am currently negotiating a home purchase for a mid rise apartment.
+ It is an ideal location for me! I do not drive due to vision loss and can literally walk to work.
- It does not excite me. It has little charm and decorating for warmth is not my strngth.
- It is overpriced! 7% over market value.

And I am going to buy it anyway!

I have been in an in house separation for six months after a two year attempt at R. And the in house separation becomes more and more difficult as it lingers. stbxww has had several contracts on hoes that have all fallen through for various reasons and it has been beneficial for both of us financially and logistically to stay in the same home

So in order to improve upon my inner peace and restart my life anew, I will:
Overpay somewhat for a new place.
Significantly increase my financial obligations with a new mortgage and start of CS payments
Lose the meals and other support WW provides
And I will no longer see my kids on a daily basis.

Still, it seems to be the right choice. This is not what I wanted for my future - stbxww made that choice and now the consequences


debbysbaby posted 12/1/2013 19:13 PM

I'm sorry. Please do give this as much thought as you can before having to commit. Have you looked into foreclosures? There can be some nearly unbelievable deals on those and they are in abundance around here.

careerlady posted 12/2/2013 00:43 AM


I'm so sorry. It seems like many of us are stuck with trying to make the best of the worst since our dreams have been shattered. I guess I'm a little concerned about the fact the house doesn't excite you. I know in house separation sucks cause I'm doing it right now, but might you be better served holding out for better/cheaper or are there no more prospects close to work?

I hope things work our for the best!

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