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Petty but I'm taking great delight!

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Nest2007 posted 12/2/2013 16:21 PM

OW insinuates herself into everything. There's been a couple of school functions recently that I've had to attend (and wanted to, as it's the end of our time in our town). On both occasions I'd get almost to the end of the evening, then she suddenly appears.

Awards night was last Thursday, and because she's not a classroom teacher, I thought I was free. Wrong - the school chaplain decided to give a gift to each teacher, aide and other staff members. She of course is the only one who tried to decline the gift and resisted coming up on stage, feeding her need for drama.

Vindication came last night when the Year Six graduation dinner was held. It was a very small function - there are only five students - and at the very end of the evening, the principal announced that OW had made a graduation cake. My heart sank, and at first my only consolation was that it looked like a Pinterest: Nailed It fail! But then, people started eating it. She'd made a gluten free layer. The two coeliacs hated it: one little boy was chewing into it and then stopped and said "Mum, do I have to finish it? It's gross!" Then his friend joked about OW giving them a cake just to have food fight. Later, two of the other parents (who are close friends of mine and know about the A) told me that one of their daughters took a big bite of icing, screwed up her face in disgust, spat it out and snuck it into the other daughter's plate.

Just wish one or all of them had the guts to tell her it sucked. That would make my day!

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StillLivin posted 12/2/2013 17:38 PM

And I'm delighting with you! Petty, whatever, take your comfort where you can!

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