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Is my dd going to hate me forever?

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confused52204 posted 12/2/2013 19:52 PM

So my xwf and I are over. Too much damage and it's no way to start a marriage. The lies are to much! I have to tell my dd and it's killing me! Is she going to hate me ? He is not her father. We d when she was 1. He is very much in her life. I guess I have already been down the trauma road of d and do not wish to visit it again. My xwf gave me a giant pile of crap to digest and I can't. He was on CL for 2 yrs of our 3 yr relationship. That's way to risky. He was looking for both men and women. He did take lie test and passed but the lies r too much!

Gemini71 posted 12/2/2013 21:54 PM

Your DD will not hate you forever. She may be angry for a while, especially since it's not appropriate for her to know the whys behind your decision. Remember, you are not responsible for your DD's pain, XWF is. This is the natural fall our of HIS actions.

Oftencheatedon posted 12/2/2013 22:20 PM

She should hate him forever and learn never to be with a man like that.

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