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Prayers, Energy, or chicken entrails

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WeepingBuddhist posted 12/3/2013 10:20 AM

whatever you got, send it my way, please? Meeting with STBX at 5 at the marriage counselor's and will inform him that he is a STBX.

I would hope after nearly 20 years together this all goes smoothly but then, his behavior the past year has been unfathomable to me.

Nature_Girl posted 12/3/2013 10:24 AM

Yikes. Good luck!

Rainbows posted 12/3/2013 10:47 AM

Sending you light.

Hope it all flows smoothly with grace and ease.

hexed posted 12/3/2013 11:19 AM

Good Luck

My dog killed a squirrel yesterday. I will provide a ceremonial tossing of it's entrails into the garbage on your behalf today.

The waiting must be tough!

Sparkles posted 12/3/2013 11:33 AM

Good luck today. It's another step forward even if though it can be difficult. I hope this goes well for you.

WeepingBuddhist posted 12/3/2013 11:44 AM

Thanks, everyone. Blessed be your dog, Hex!

The next few hours are going to be difficult. I feel as though I'm just waiting for the rest of my life to begin. One of my friends is certain that this will be really hard for him while I'm pretty sure this will come as a relief. Who knows how he will react. I just know it's not going to be my problem.

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atsenaotie posted 12/3/2013 11:49 AM

I just know it's not going to be my problem.

^^^ This

Best wishes.

hexed posted 12/3/2013 11:59 AM


your screen name initials are the initials of two of my SI favorites WildBananas and Wondering Bull

The next few hours will be worth the wait. My feelings have often surprised me in similar situations during the whole process. Embrace whatever those feelings are...relief, sadness, anger...whatever. Just know that you made this decision with a clear head when you weren't overwhelmed by emotions. Fall back on that knowledge if it gets tough.

Don't be surprised to see, shock, anger and sadness all from him. are right...not your problem! Your paths have now diverged. You get to walk your own. He can stand at the intersection and stay as he is or he can choose to grow and take his own path ... either way, his is not yours any longer

Wishing you peace and contentment at the end of this.

WeepingBuddhist posted 12/3/2013 12:27 PM

sounds like I am in good company!

I am feeling all those things. I'm sad, angry, hurt but mostly I am relieved. I thought I would be scared but no fear thus far and that surprises the hell out of me! Anxiety and I are besties, usually. Few decisions have ever felt so totally right.

sparkysable posted 12/3/2013 14:04 PM

My dog killed a squirrel yesterday. I will provide a ceremonial tossing of it's entrails into the garbage on your behalf today.

dmari posted 12/3/2013 14:14 PM

Sending you prayers and positive and clear energy. (((((WB)))))

Lostandpregnant posted 12/3/2013 14:36 PM

I hope it goes as good as it possibly can <3

SBB posted 12/3/2013 15:08 PM

Sending you energy!

Tripletrouble posted 12/3/2013 15:28 PM

That's a hard conversation. Sending you lots of good mojo and peace.

hexed posted 12/3/2013 17:58 PM

hope it has gone or is going well. lots of good mojo for you now!

nekorb posted 12/3/2013 18:25 PM

Sending prayers...don't know your time zone, so don't know if I missed it, if it's during, or WHAT!

Please update us when you have the opportunity....

soveryweary posted 12/3/2013 19:45 PM

I hope everything turned out ok.....
Thinking of you.

tryingagain74 posted 12/3/2013 19:59 PM

Sending you mojo-- I hope that the one thing you feel is the lightness of freedom.

IrishLass518 posted 12/3/2013 20:16 PM

I'll light a candle and send you peace. Good luck and may your path to freedom be blessed.

PurpleRose posted 12/3/2013 23:45 PM

Hoping it went well and you are out with a friend....

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