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A trigger. ...

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Alyssamd24 posted 12/4/2013 18:34 PM

Every year since my DD has been born I have given my parents and my inlaws a calendar for Christmas....each month has one or many pics of our DD through out the year...her bday, holidays, vacations, etc. Both sets of parents enjoy recieving them and I enjoy making them.

I have just started to collect and organize all the photos from this past year, and am now triggering....since my bh and I were seperated for the majority of the year we each have our own pics but very few together....all of them are a reminder of what I did to my poor husband and my family....I tore us apart for my own selfish reasons.

Even the few pics we have of the three of us are a lie....although we all have smiles on our faces, none of us were happy and I was still mid A.

So now I am left wondering if I even want to do the calendars this year.....

caspers1wish posted 12/4/2013 18:45 PM

It's ok if you don't do the calendar. Sometimes we are our own worst critic, like we're some kind of failure for not producing x,y, z all the time. Maybe just make the calendar and do photos of only the kids. That's what I do, there are rarely photos of all of us, and really never any photos of just my husband and I. Who the heck wants to see us in the calendar, it's all about the kiddos.

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