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Two year Antiversary

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phmh posted 12/4/2013 22:45 PM

Or, reversary, as someone else called it once here -- reversing the damage that being married to an NPD/ASPD did to me!

If you'd told me two years ago what my life would be like and how happy I'd be, I never would have believed it. So glad I didn't follow through on my suicidal thoughts when I figured my life was over without XWH.

Looking forward to see what else the future has in store for me! There is hope, guys. Things get so much better.

FaithFool posted 12/4/2013 23:02 PM

Two years was still rough for me, so good on ya! You're doing great.

I just realized I'm nearly halfway into year 6... and it gets sweeter by the minute.

libertyrocks posted 12/5/2013 18:00 PM

That's great news, phmh. I'm so happy for you! You escaped. Not everyone is smart enough to escape. I'm proud of you.

better4me posted 12/5/2013 22:05 PM

So happy you made it through the dark stuff into the light

phmh posted 12/6/2013 18:57 PM

Thanks, guys.

In the grand scheme of things, I feel pretty lucky in that we didn't have kids and since he's NPD, I no longer exist to him. Plus, he had to move away to get a job. So, NC for well over a year and no fear of running into him anywhere.

tesla posted 12/7/2013 09:40 AM

phmh, I've always enjoyed your posts and positive drive. It's amazing how low and hopeless we can feel when d-day hits.

Congrats on freeing yourself from that piece of shit and creating an amazing new life!!

SBB posted 12/7/2013 16:36 PM

Things get so much better.

Amen. Almost 2 years for me too. I struggle to remember why I held on so tight, why I was so afraid of walking away.

I can only think it was Stockholm Syndrome.

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