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Ssi and Child support past 18?

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Newchapter posted 12/6/2013 13:39 PM

Does anyone happen to have a special needs child past 18 that is living with you and receives SSI as well as continued child support?

I am trying to investigate options for my son who will be 18 in about 6 months and has special needs.


gotmylifeback posted 12/7/2013 01:01 AM

Newchapter, check out this link. You can look up the various agencies in your area and they could answer some of you specific answers. A person with a disability can continue to receive SSI. If you or you ex are disabled or retired, your child can receive SSDAC based on your work credits. Without knowing the specifics of the disability, you might be able to get extended child support. PM me if you have more specific questions and I can try and help guide you.

myowndystopia posted 12/8/2013 00:11 AM

New Chapter-
Interesting question. I'm a newbie at this and not really sure what direction we are headed but thought I'd kind of browse this forum. I've wondered the same about the child support past 18. My special needs dd is 15 but her future is one thing we both agree and worry about. We plan to file for conservatorship for financial and medical when she is 18. She does not receive SSI right now not sure if she will qualify at 18 either because of the amount of investments/ira's she has. Check with some of your local advocacy groups- they could probably help you.

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