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One way to waste a Saturday morning ...

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HUFI-PUFI posted 12/7/2013 09:39 AM

There are many ways to spend a Saturday. Whether its cleaning out the garage, going for a round of golf or perhaps heading to the mall, there are the adult ways to spend the day and then, there are the little kid ways to spend the day. Plump up the pillows, turn on the TV and watch your fave cartoons

After sleeping in and cuddling with LF, we enjoyed a white sausage and egg breakfast and then I started with some healthy cooking as I have got Quaker Oat bread in the oven rising.

How are you spending your Saturday?

Aubrie posted 12/7/2013 09:54 AM

Crashed on the couch in my jammies, QS next to me, (he's surfing Instagram) jamming out to music, doing some online shopping, and trying to talk myself out of buying another Christmas album.

No breakfast. Just a massive mug of coffee in an ugly blue mug.

We're eventually going to get dressed and go to a craft fair and take the kids to see Santa. Maybe. If we find the courage to leave the safety of the warm house.

gahurts posted 12/7/2013 10:44 AM

I'm sitting at the shop waiting on getting my emissions checked (overdue) and oil changed (even more overdue). Then I have to get the registration done.

This afternoon we are going to get the tree and tomorrow we are having a decorating party.

And tonight I am thinking about taking the kids to see A Christmas Carol at the local theater and community center.

Ascendant posted 12/7/2013 11:18 AM

It's so damned cold here outside Chicago that I don't want to go do anything. Just sit around and drink coffee and be warm.
... feels incredible.

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karmahappens posted 12/7/2013 11:24 AM

Working until 2 then going to dinner with a few favorite people.

I don't know HOW I am supposed to stay controlled in my diet when all we do is go out and meet friends and family for food and drink.

Williesmom posted 12/7/2013 11:25 AM

I went to the gym and walmart, then took the dog to the vet. Not a lazy or cheap morning for me.

This afternoon, I'm doing a holiday house tour with a girlfriend- that part of the day is just for ME!

better4me posted 12/7/2013 11:25 AM

Cold as sh*t in Iowa too. Sitting on SI until my coffee gets cold. Going to lunch with some friends, and then sugar cookie baking this afternoon!

metamorphisis posted 12/7/2013 11:37 AM

I'm in my cozy clothes. I have laundry going, the house is in mid clean mode (so a disaster). I've walked the dog, checked in at S.I., did some budgeting and, and texted with my sister. This afternoon I am making baked potato soup, walking the dog again and more cleaning. I am thinking there is a nap in there somewhere too

unfound posted 12/7/2013 11:53 AM

I'm watching the cats play fight, pretending they're WWE wrestlers and being the commentator to the main event.

OWWW, that had to hurt! Pounce from the ottoman right on his head!

Max seems to be trying to perform the rare, and illegal back legs to the head maneuver!

She's got a catnip mouse! It's pandemonium!

Is he chasing his own tail?

She's got him cornered by the ficus..where are the referees?

I obviously win the "who can best avoid not cleaning house today" award.

Cat wrestling. It's more important than a clean house.

Ascendant posted 12/7/2013 11:58 AM

the house is in mid clean mode (so a disaster)

I love this. That's what my house is, perpetually. Never filthy, hardly ever spotless. Always, and forever, about a solid hour and a half away from being clean.

Ascendant posted 12/7/2013 12:00 PM

...where are the referees?

Former pro wrestler here....the referees are NEVER around when you need them, somehow.

kernel posted 12/7/2013 12:02 PM

Sigh. I'm researching for a paper I have to write this weekend for a class. Nearly done with the research. Planning to let it all percolate in my brain (otherwise known as procrastination) while I go do some Christmas shopping for the Adopt-a-family program at our local shelter. Also need to buy some groceries as the cupboard is bare! Laundry and maybe some other chores in there. Happy weekend everyone!

metamorphisis posted 12/7/2013 12:26 PM

Always, and forever, about a solid hour and a half away from being clean.


Or in my case, I work like mad and the upper level is sparkling clean. By the time I get to the downstairs level and get it in top shape, it's time to do the upstairs again. It's a never ending loop and I have surrendered

Deeply Scared posted 12/7/2013 12:30 PM

I just got done making the brownie tray for the Elves

I still need to do the floors

unfound posted 12/7/2013 12:32 PM

I work like mad and the upper level is sparkling clean. By the time I get to the downstairs level and get it in top shape, it's time to do the upstairs again.

yes! it's like they (the heathens that live here) KNOW that I've cleaned, and like a moth to a flame, have to go and muss it up.

I don't think the whole house has been clean at the same time since we did a refi a while back. There was a lot of threatening and sending them out of the house for long periods in order to keep it that way for 12 hours.

HUFI-PUFI posted 12/7/2013 12:32 PM

unfound - Cat wrestling. It's more important than a clean house.

Unagie posted 12/7/2013 13:15 PM

I worked all morning and now I'm cuddled under blankets with my furbaby.

Jrazz posted 12/7/2013 13:19 PM

Eating the ninjabread men we made last night....

two2muchpain posted 12/7/2013 13:49 PM

Just ordered my last gift for FWH, (While he is out picking up DS and getting us something to eat.), checking out what everyone is doing on F&G on SI while I'm supposed to be finishing decorating the tree!

My family is right every year they tease me about how long it takes me to decorate the tree....and they're right! I started on Monday. But when I'm done it's a damn good looking tree!

Later tonight we're going to see a tribute band, Beatlemania!! Can't wait!

musiclovingmom posted 12/7/2013 15:21 PM

I am just waking up from a nice nap and pondering how to fold laundry while the kids are awake (since I slept while they did today). We spent this morning at the church decorating a gingerbread house. And this evening, we will load up, get designer coffee (hot chocolate for the kids) and drive through the local college campus, listening to Christmas music and ooohing and aaaaaahing over 40,000+ luminarias.

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