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Take2 posted 12/7/2013 21:51 PM

Is anybody in contact with Coraline? Just looking for confirmation that she is okay. I hate that she dropped off the radar... I know she had a good day in court - but her hubbie was creepy and spying on her here...

Coraline if you are out there hugs, prayers and strength!

SBB posted 12/8/2013 05:11 AM


wifehad5 posted 12/8/2013 09:47 AM

She hasn't logged in to her account since 8/17

gonnabe2016 posted 12/8/2013 10:17 AM

Yea, I thought it was strange that she just *poofed*......

tesla posted 12/8/2013 11:51 AM

Oh man, I hope someone who is in contact with her can let us know that she's doing ok.

silverhopes posted 12/19/2013 14:08 PM

~kelly~ is one of her irl friends, I think. If anyone's in touch with ~kelly~? Hope Coraline is OK.

rainagain posted 12/19/2013 22:49 PM

I hope she's ok.

Not to t/j but the same thing happened with MissMarple. Her last post was in sept and titled leaving her house for safety. There was domestic violence concernes. Wifehad5 are you able to see her?

There have been others over the years.

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