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W/o naming names, hardest person to shop for, and why? Xmas &c.

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sad12008 posted 12/8/2013 10:40 AM

As I bemoaned the lack of really helpful categories in the various "gift-finding wizards" available online this morning, I thought it might be fun and a little stress relief to crank about those tough customers on your gift list.

Why yes, I'll start!

Hypercritical 85 y.o. diabetic MIL, lives in warm climate (thereby ruling out "warming"-type gifts), now has 80 y.o. boyfriend living with her, further ratcheting up the difficulty level.

Who else? I know I can't be alone!...

metamorphisis posted 12/8/2013 11:11 AM

My father whom I love dearly has the fun money to get himself whatever he wants (within reason), and does. So he sees a telescope he loves or new fishing gear or whatever.. he buys it. We keep telling him to wait for some of it. He has 6 children and we practically beat each other up to buy something first. We all know how hard it is. So if he mentions something at dinner we literally start screaming "CALLED IT!!! I'M GETTING THAT!! DON"T YOU DARE!! I WILL WIN CHRISTMAS!!!"
Yeah.. we're a little competitive. Nothing has changed in 40 years. My sister was trash talking me over text the other day because she found the "Perfect" gift for mom. I told her I was sure mom would pretend to like it like she does every year.
Christmas gift giving is a ruthless business between my 5 siblings and I

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movingforward777 posted 12/8/2013 11:22 AM

My SO is tough to buy for...not a guy for "clothes", has every tool you could think of....I usually get him a gift certificate for something to do with his motorcycle....he's always doing work on that....
I have over the years bought things like a "counter top weather station" (he's a real weather watcher), one year he needed new work overalls/vest...but usually it's a tough call....

nowiknow23 posted 12/8/2013 11:50 AM

Apparently it's me.

There's not much I need or want. I don't collect anything, I'm not a sports fan, I've been in a downsizing trend for a couple of years, so stuff isn't my thing.

I live a pretty simple life, and it drives my kids insane. I do give them a list, however, when they ask. They just get frustrated that they can't think of something on their own without the list.

sullymeishadomi posted 12/8/2013 12:03 PM

Meta, the visual I had while reading your post was fun.

Im lucky. I have the kids. Kids want everything. Its just a matter of the right everything. Lol

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musiclovingmom posted 12/8/2013 13:41 PM

My H. When he wants something, he buys it for himself. He has a RC rock crawler and there are tons of upgrades and parts and such I could get for it. However, they are very specific and the wrong one won't fit or function appropriately. I can't sort through them online and the hobby shop in town has a habit of selling me the wrong parts. I'm sure it has nothing to do with their 'no return' policy.

Amazonia posted 12/8/2013 15:07 PM

My dad. He's comfortable wearing the same clothes he's owned for years, he doesn't really have hobbies except golfing and woodworking (has all the high end clubs and tools he needs and wants), and whenever we ask him for ideas, he just says, "just tell your mother you love her and I will be happy"

Hope24 posted 12/8/2013 15:40 PM

My brother-in-law, Apparently he doesn't believe in celebrating holidays and special occasions, as he has never bought anyone in the family a single gift, including my sister, HIS WIFE. No kidding, this dude has never bought my sister a single gift for her birthday, Christmas, or anniversary. She doesn't even have a wedding ring.


Why do I bother you ask? For my sister, it matters to her.

He got a sweatshirt again this year, Whatevs.

solus sto posted 12/8/2013 19:08 PM

he just says, "just tell your mother you love her and I will be happy"
This is the sweetest thing ever.

lynnm1947 posted 12/11/2013 13:47 PM

A member of my board (who is also a friend) is the hardest to buy for. She is crazy wealthy, so she has EVERYTHING--and if she doesn't, she can just buy it. We exchange small gifts. Usually I give her a package of our homemade cookies. She has this year decided to go no gluten, so thatís out. Sigh. She is an avid golfer, so I bought her a gorgeous little set of handmade pewter golf-themed fridge magnets. Other than that, I freaking have no idea.

S/O and I went to a Christmas party Saturday night. As he came downstairs, I looked at him and said, "Wow. You've just been dressed by Lynn." Everything he was wearing--including his cashmere overcoat but excepting his socks, underwear and shoes--was a gift from me for either his birthday or Christmas! If it were up to him, he'd wear jeans and collared t-shirts everywhere, but alas, my job requires me to attend some swankier events (with him in tow) so he relies on me to provide real shirts, ties and jackets. This means I always have gift ideas for him!

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Rebreather posted 12/11/2013 14:02 PM

Lynn, since you are a bad ass baker, I think you could master some gf baking! That would be a huge gift to your friend, who is probably struggling on that diet this time of year.

I think my spouse's step dad is the hardest. The shit he likes he has all worked out. Trying to be creative there is hard.

lynnm1947 posted 12/11/2013 14:12 PM

Rebreather, ordinarily that would be a great idea, but I have so much else going on this year at this time that I'm not adding anything more to the list!

BTW, made 144 sq. inches of date squares last night. Our annual cookies days are this weekend.

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tushnurse posted 12/12/2013 12:04 PM

My parents!!! Hands down some of the toughest gift buyers ever. They are retired, and are pretty financially set, so they get what they want when they want it. They just set up a second home in FL, so I was all set to get some goodies for the new homestead, and I will be damned if they didn't just go buy whatever they needed in September. WTF? ! ? I told them if they get nothing it's their own fault. Also I am told every year to "Not spend a lot of money" on them which reallymeans get us a good gift or we will talk bad about you to our friends. LOL

In the past we have done gifts with my sister that include such eccentrisities as hot air balloon rides, having a photographer come out to the the property and taking photos of the whole fam damily, and custom made Iron bells You know like an old school house?

Anyway this year they are getting a bunch of photo collages with pics of all of us and the grandkids from way back to present, did one of just halloween costumes. They better love it. lol

rachelc posted 12/12/2013 12:18 PM

I'm going to nominate myself and then maybe my Mom next. I like to buy books for ppl but she has a kindle. I hate getting her a GC because I want it to be very personal.

I LOVE buying gifts for ppl: My daughter asked for a Coach purse but she already has one. I got on Ebay and refreshed the damn page every few seconds for what seemed like a week! Got her a "Buy it now" Louis Vuitton for cheap - in pristine condition - ya just gotta be fast and I had about 10 seconds to determine if it was real. This is while I was in the bathtub. She's gonna squeal when she opens that gift.

I have to be very specific for hubby or he'll have an anxiety attack, hence the I must be the hardest one...

MissesJai posted 12/12/2013 12:47 PM

my mom. OMG my mom. Lord knows I love her. I bought her an orchid once and the first thing she did was ask me how much I paid for it (because she grows her own) and when I said $10 she immediately criticized me for spending too much money on it (she would've paid $.99 for it at the local nursery). If I buy her anything, she will first ask how much I paid for it then tell me I paid too much. This year she gets cash. Naturally, she will tell me I'm giving her too much. I can't win with her but I've stopped trying.

itainteasy posted 12/12/2013 13:31 PM

My mother. Every year when I ask her what she wants for Christmas/birthday/whatever she says "I don't want you to spend your money on me. I just want everyone to be happy and get along."

But the ONE year that you and your brother decide you're not going to fight about ANYTHING no matter how hard it is, because you butt heads over EVERYTHING under the sun, and you don't buy a gift is the ONE year she cries and says "No one brought anything? I'm not worth even a $2 card?" and runs up to her room to sob loudly, so everyone can hear what awful children you are.

So, lesson learned, and guess what lady? You collect Willow Tree Angels now.

Amazonia posted 12/12/2013 13:55 PM

guess what lady? You collect Willow Tree Angels now.

nowiknow23 posted 12/12/2013 16:31 PM

guess what lady? You collect Willow Tree Angels now.
OMG - dying over here.

Aubrie posted 12/12/2013 16:47 PM

she says "I don't want you to spend your money on me. I just want everyone to be happy and get along."
When people say that to me, I immediately call BS and start skulling around Pinterest for ideas. NOBODY really says, "Oh I don't want anything" and really means it. I mean, maybe in that moment. But once everyone's gathered around and the bows, ribbon, and wrapping paper starts flying, you know deep down they're saying, "OOOOOooo, I iz excited! What did I get!?"

That stupid statement sets everyone up for failure.

So, lesson learned, and guess what lady? You collect Willow Tree Angels now.
Way too funny.

QS is a nightmare to shop for. I have to get something that he very specifically asked for otherwise, it's a wash.

My parental unit is a butthead to shop for. He somehow always manages to guess correctly before he opens it. Except this year. I wanna get him soap that looks like a turd and canned unicorn meat.

Is that evil? Meh. Don't care.

itainteasy posted 12/12/2013 21:14 PM

Oh yeah, I will NEVER, ever fall for that line of BS again!

I'm so happy I decided she collects Willow Tree Angels. It makes shopping SO much easier!

Canned Unicorn Meat. Aubrie, the reviews of that product are amazing.

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