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this is a lot of work

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eyenight posted 12/8/2013 12:06 PM

X hasn't paid his cs since he fled the state i live in to move with forehead in her home state. i finally got the paperwork to open a case in the state he was in. my case worker was dragging her feet and didn't send the paperwork to his state. So i branched out on my own and spent months convincing them that he is the state. i know which city he is likely in and the possible street he live on. so now im standstill. i am in contact with foreheads x husband. he's trying to get the address out of his daughters because he doesn't want contact with forehead. from what he told me she's a real piece of work. he told me "let me take a guess she went after your sons dad while you where together saying that she's in hiding and that i was gunned down playing the whole poor me act." Yep. He also gave me all of the family tree to contact them. One of them will hopefully help me but her family is really fucked up
and can see no wrong in this situation.

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better4me posted 12/8/2013 14:01 PM

UGH and double UGH. It does sound like you have had to do a LOT of detective work. In my state there is a CS Recovery program where they do a lot of the detective work, but I think they work harder if you are getting state money. So sorry he is being a deadbeat. Keep at it and I hope you get some answers (and $$) soon.

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