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Why do I have to go to courthouse & pay?

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Nature_Girl posted 12/8/2013 15:59 PM

I keep reading here about how y'all get your final, official decrees in the mail. Why not me? How come I have to go to the courthouse (PITA) and pay (PITA) and wait (PITA) to have the clerk make official copies of the documents for me? I've been divorced over a month and I have no official paperwork yet. Haven't been able to change my name, nothing.


phmh posted 12/8/2013 16:18 PM

Hopefully this will be your last hurdle.

I also had to go to the courthouse and pay for copies. Some states make it easier than others.

gypsybird87 posted 12/8/2013 17:04 PM

What I (and XWH) got in the mail was just a very vague notice from the court stating that the judgment had been entered, and the date it was recorded. It also shows the case number that was assigned to us.

In order to get a legal copy, for name change etc, I have to request it from the court and pay something like 28 cents per page. I haven't done it yet but the clerk told me I can request it over the phone at any time. Just call with the case number and a credit/debit card. They charge for the pages and the postage and send it to you certified mail. Of course I could walk in and get it too but since the courthouse is the other end of the county 45 mins away (and near where XWH and OW live) I'll just do it by mail.

You might call and see if your county has a similar over the phone method.

Good luck!

peacelovetea posted 12/8/2013 20:58 PM

My attorney paid when she filed the final paperwork so it came out of my retainer. Then she sent a copy to me.

Fireball72 posted 12/8/2013 21:35 PM

I also live in one of those states where you have to pay for copies. Hell, they don't even TELL YOU when the decree is granted - you have to go online and research your docket number just to get confirmation, and even THEN they're vague about it - it doesn't say "divorce granted" or "decree final" or anything, just "ENTERED x/x/xx". Thanks so much, guys - so helpful. NOT!

Sad in AZ posted 12/9/2013 09:08 AM

All of the fees for my divorce were included in the amount my attorney quoted.

For those of you considering D, you might ask this question when you interview attorneys.

StillLivin posted 12/9/2013 12:23 PM

I have to go and pay too! Sucks!

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