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Tree decorating and fantastic weekend

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lost4now posted 12/9/2013 08:21 AM

I had a GREAT weekend!!!! Decorated the outside of the house exactly the way I wanted. We got our tree. It's perfect in every way! My two teenage daughters helped me decorate it and we even listened to christmas music as we did it!!!

In years past (with STBXH there) the decorating was left to me. My daughters hid in the their rooms and STBXH groaned about me needing help getting the lights on the tree. He complained the entire time about how he hated the chore of the lights! No christmas music. No fun!!!

Not sure why......but this year was soooooo different. My daughters were begging me to get the ornaments out. THEY insisted upon the christmas music. We laughed and had so much fun!!! I wish I could have made that last forever!

Last year I knew I was going to ask my STBXH to leave right after the holidays were over. I knew I had to free myself from his cheating! I couldn't take it anymore. I remember crying as I decorated the tree alone. He was a weak hot mess because he knew how disappointed I was and that I was just done and the kids couldn't stand the awful vibe between STBXH and I. They sensed what was coming I think.

This year was so great! I LOVED IT!!!!!! I'm still on a high from it. And I slept like a baby last night knowing that my girls were happy!

StillLivin posted 12/9/2013 08:58 AM

I'm so happy for you.
I had a fiasco this year with the outside lights, but got a new ladder and new lights, so going to hang them danged outside lights up a little each day after work!
Inside is looking pretty fantastic.
I didn't know about the affair, but last "Christmas" (threw his Christmas in March on his first trip back from Afghanistan), I was you.
I didn't know why, I just knew that he was absolutely awful to me and I cried when I put that tree up by myself. I had such hopes that maybe he would see how much effort and love was going into making his homecoming special.
He never even noticed, and he barely thanked me for the gifts or the fact that I surprised him and paid for a ticket for the oldest DSS to come home.
This Christmas is already better for me too!

ruby44 posted 12/9/2013 09:39 AM

So glad to hear it, I have been dreading decorating for Christmas too. I have done the outside and was shocked to find my WH took all the extension cords when he moved out. Off to the hardware store I went. The house looks cute, not the over the top way he used to do it but cute and happy now.
I plan on doing the tree this week. They spend the weekend with him so I need to get it done before they leave.

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