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In the past but I think I found an omission....

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cl131716 posted 12/9/2013 13:42 PM

Maybe he forgot...who knows. He "forgot" the conversation between him and his co-worker just a few hours after I confronted him after all...ha ha!

So WH has always maintained that the messages I saw (of an inappropriate manner) were all that there were. Of course he deleted those shortly after so I kinda knew there had to be more I never saw. I was just going through his e-mails and I saw an e-mail exchange between the two dated about a week before I confronted him.

He wrote to her: lol sorry bout my last comment...I apologize that was not professional.

To which she replied: it's okay I said it and started worries

Grrr....the more and more I read back on their e-mails the more it looks like an EA that lasted a couple of months.

Just a month ago I found messages where she told him his best was good and "just something to keep in mind...I give foot rubs too!" He said he had mentioned he gave foot rubs or some BS. She also told him she missed him once and "love ya". Oh and the pet names!!! My goodness...."sunshine", "babe", "boy", "sweetie"

It's all in the past but wow there was more on paper he hadn't told me....only God knows what happened IRL that I don't know about!

ladycody posted 12/9/2013 15:22 PM

I have the phone bills but the texts weren''t there when I looked on the he had kept on top of deleting them. Am torn between wishing I could have faced it in all its ugliness and being glad that I don''t have the memory of specific exchanges. Am sorry your dealing with this.

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cl131716 posted 12/10/2013 06:06 AM

ladycody- They only messaged through Facebook and e-mail so had I not been watching I would have missed it all completely and would have never known! It was by complete accident I was even alerted to watch. He had left our phone (we share a cell) logged into his facebook account so when I got an alert thinking it was mine I opened it. It was from a completely different co-worker. He was comforting her after a breakup. It struck me as odd considering he always told me how much he hated this co-worker but nothing really incriminating was said. The red flag was when I checked back a couple of hours later and all messages to/from her and an additional previous co-worker (who made a comment about getting a tattoo and belly button ring) had been deleted. It was at that point I realized if he was deleting things then he had something to hide! So I began watching over the next couple of months. I still missed a lot apparently because he was very diligent about deleting as he went. If I wasn't logged in watching every moment (D-day was the only day I was) I would miss things and the convo wouldn't make sense. There are many holes and of course he can't remember. I asked about what I found last night....yep can't remember. I at times wish I hadn't seen anything....the messages from D-day haunt me.

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