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This so funny in a weird way...

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FaithFool posted 12/9/2013 19:08 PM

You snoopers out there will love this...

Some of you know that I'm a big fan of a certain rock star guitar guy, I'm enjoying the FB posts from both his official site and the fan site.

Well over the summer this wacky fan from the midwest started putting some crazy posts on there, complete nonsense, it was like she was talking in code about some connection they had, he was ordering some garden signs from her etsy store or something and they were "giving birth" to them.

Creepy, I know eh?

Another fan posted, asking her if she was dating him and she said yes.

End of August, all her posts disappear from both pages. Gone. They never existed.

So last month she posted a pic on her page of a fancy heart-shaped ring, looks like a stock photo, hinting at an engagement with the statement "he asked, she said "yesss!""

Not the usual FB engagement announcement, oddly, no pic of the two of them together, as people usually post when these things happen in public.

So at this point I'm fascinated and lurking because I'm snoopy that way LOL

Her profile pic changed to a split frame of pics of both of them, but not in the same frame. Another weird one was a bad photoshop of one of his stock photos.

So right, I'm waiting for a pic of the two together. Not yet.

So this week he has a new FB profile with a code name, a stock photo, and one friend, her, and that profile posts one lovey message.

It's obviously a fake because the name of the music school he went to is not spelled correctly.

So I'm thinking she has made it all up just to piss off her ex or keep her friends thinking this LDR is for real and she's really engaged to the rock star who lives overseas.

Can't wait to see what "he" posts next.


Cheap entertainment I have to say.

Williesmom posted 12/9/2013 19:18 PM

My life is so boring.


Mrs. Brad Pitt.

unfound posted 12/9/2013 19:22 PM

@ Williesmom

FaithFool posted 12/10/2013 08:50 AM

thebighurt posted 12/10/2013 10:20 AM

I love cheap entertainment like that, especially when it's about *real* people you *know*.

gahurts posted 12/10/2013 11:29 AM

IDK, that seems creepy to me. Kinda stalker-ish.

SisterMilkshake posted 12/10/2013 11:42 AM

Erotomanic: Someone with this type of delusional disorder believes that another person, often someone important or famous, is in love with him or her. The person might attempt to contact the object of the delusion, and stalking behavior is not uncommon.
It is a delusional disorder.

Slight t/j. My oldest sister had/has a friend who thought that some popular Christian singer, Carman, was in love with her and that they were going to get married and move away from the city she lived in. She was over 40 years old at the time and he was coming to the city for a concert. She believed that after the concert she was leaving with him. She gave up her apartment a month before the concert and gave her two week notice, quit her job, and went to the concert. Of course, Carman and her didn't go away together. She really believed he was sending her messages in his songs.

tushnurse posted 12/10/2013 11:44 AM

Never underestimate the value of Crazy. Lol

FaithFool posted 12/10/2013 14:22 PM

Wow SM, that IS crazy...

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