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Such Peace!!

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lisaloo posted 12/9/2013 23:40 PM

For anyone who has been following my story, I have been waiting to meet with the session of my church to discuss my next was VERY important for me to have the backing of the church if I filed for divorce. Of course things have been so horrifying since WH came back home (especially with the threats to try to get custody of DD) that I had decided to do it no matter what...I mean...I cant live like this, and I shouldnt have to.

I met with the session tonight, and they told me to cut and run...and that the church would help me in any way possible, even financially if I need it (if WH craps out on finances again).

I SO needed to hear that...and now, I have SUCH PEACE in my heart about my decision to divorce him...I know in my gut that I did everything I possibly could to make it work and that, at this point, I am free to let go of this asshole and move on to whatever comes next.

I know that I am about to have a fight to the finish with WH with this divorce, but I am emotionally ready now...I can do this...

And so I did...I filed for divorce at 4pm today.

Say your prayers that I dont get one of the attorneys who automatically assign joint custody...I'm going to need them, since I apparently have terrible luck

Nature_Girl posted 12/10/2013 00:14 AM


When I went to my pastors & senior lay leaders in my church & told them what was happening, they were 100% behind me. I know the relief & peace you're talking about. It made ALL the difference in the world to me to finally, FINALLY have my faith/church help hold me up.

Peace out, sister.

careerlady posted 12/10/2013 00:44 AM

Congratulations. Yes it feels good to have that external validation that you did and gave all you could. Hopefully you will get a great judge and all will proceed well.

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