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kids' SOs---Christmas gifts

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authenticnow posted 12/10/2013 15:32 PM

We will give DS's gf and DD's bf something for Christmas, probably gift cards to stores they like.

I'm wondering how much I should give. DS has been with his gf for over 2 years and lives with her, and DD has been with her bf for just 2 years.

We don't do a lot of gifts, just for the kids, so it's not like we're on a tight budget with the gifts. Just wondering what others did, and what's appropriate. (I was thinking $50 but that seems like a lot, and $25 seems too little.)


DeadMumWalking posted 12/10/2013 15:37 PM

If it were me, I'd give something in the $40-50 range.

authenticnow posted 12/10/2013 15:39 PM

Thanks, DeadMumWalking.

GabyBaby posted 12/10/2013 15:40 PM

I agree with DeadMum.

authenticnow posted 12/10/2013 16:24 PM

Thank you. I'm going to go with the $50 gift cards, unless I find something else that is perfect in that range.

metamorphisis posted 12/10/2013 17:31 PM

$50 sounds about right to me.
DD just came to me the other day and said her boyfriends mom is getting her a gift. I think that means I should get him a gift (honestly wasn't planning on it.. they are 16 and have been together since the Spring). But I am already paying for dd to get him a gift .
This is getting complicated. I'd like to return to the no dating thing.

authenticnow posted 12/10/2013 17:56 PM

Yes, I'd like to return to the days when my biggest problem of the day was remembering to put money under the pillow from the tooth fairy. Please.

Lostandpregnant posted 12/11/2013 07:52 AM

I think $50 is appropriate as well.

lynnm1947 posted 12/11/2013 07:57 AM

I can see a gift to the kids' SOs from the kids, but from the kids' parents at this early stage? Really?

nowiknow23 posted 12/11/2013 08:04 AM

Yes, really.

DS and his gf have been together 2 years. Last year, I spent about $25 on her. This year, I'm spending $50 on her gift.

ajsmom posted 12/11/2013 08:24 AM

I'll be facing this for the first time myself.

Thanks for the tips, y'all!

I was thinking in the $50 range as well. As I'll be visiting them in January and meeting her for the first time, I'll have the opportunity to pick her brain for ideas.


Rebreather posted 12/11/2013 13:20 PM

How old are ya'lls kids? I need this advice as well because my almost-18 yo daughter has been with her boyfriend for nearly two years. He's come on trips with us a couple of times, has been to our house a LOT, I've been helping him with his college applications, etc.

Do I get him a gift? I tend to "over gift" if there is such a thing. I don't want him to feel uncomfortable or like he has to reciprocate. But I *feel* like getting him a little something!

nowiknow23 posted 12/11/2013 14:14 PM

Rebreather - my DS turns 20 on Christmas Eve.

authenticnow posted 12/11/2013 14:51 PM

DD is 21 and DS will be 25.

Lynn, they have each been with them for over two years. DD's bf is like part of our family. He spends time here on school breaks, gotten us gifts, etc. We haven't gotten to know DS's gf as well, but still, they live together and she is a sweet young woman.

I'm not sure what 'early stage' means. IMO, if they are good to our kids and our kids love them, they're family!

metamorphisis posted 12/11/2013 15:59 PM

DD is 16, just about 17 and this is the first real boyfriend. Like I said, gift giving wasn't even on my radar until dd said her boyfriend mentioned his mother was buying her something. She wanted to know if she should get something for his mom too. Actually what she said was "I'll get her a Yankee candle. Mom's love Yankee Candles." To which I replied "No dd, YOUR mom loves Yankee Candles."

This is all new territory for me. The other thing is dd and her boyfriend were friends since the 5th grade, so each family knows each kid pretty well already. It's not someone I just met or anything.
Still.. weird for me.

ajsmom posted 12/11/2013 16:05 PM

AJ is 30. (I had him when I was 12)

His GF is 26.

lynnm1947 posted 12/12/2013 13:55 PM

Yes, really.
DS and his gf have been together 2 years. Last year, I spent about $25 on her. This year, I'm spending $50 on her gift.

I'm not sure what 'early stage' means. IMO, if they are good to our kids and our kids love them, they're family!

NIK and authenticnow, I was actually replying to meta! A 2-year boyfriend is certainly worthy of a gift. I'm giving my daughter's 1-year boyfriend a gift certificate to a restaurant she likes!

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