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Cheating on your company too

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lovelykoala posted 12/11/2013 06:48 AM

There is a thread under Wayward that is called Double Life Ending it? It is unlike others I have read here on SI and only Waywards may post on it.

One thought I have about this WS is that he claims to install an texting app each morning, on his way to work, so that he can chat with paid young women during the day. He uninstalls the app before going home each evening so as not to "get caught." He meets young women on business trips each month.

Much of the thread examines the details of this 38 yo male's indiscretions, his claims of wealth and privilege, and his struggle leading a double life and the effect this has on his persona and his family. He calls it his "utopia" and "cherry on the top" of his outwardly respectable life.

A consideration which I have not seen on SI recently is the impact of cheating at the work place. Aside from the devastation this man is wreaking (though not yet discovered) at home, there also must be negative effects at work. He claims to use only a business phone for his illicit texting so his wife "will never find out." But what about his obligations to his employer? Are morals clauses still common? I believe this fellow ought to consider the impact of his actions on all those with whom he works. Texting affair partners all day long at work has an effect, another selfish effect that this cheater has not articulated on SI, and perhaps never even considered. He may be fired before his family even finds out.

I hope that he is able to give up the Double Life, get treatment for his sex addiction, and find his authentic self. He is not only stealing from his family, he is stealing from his employer. A ticking time bomb has been lit by this WS. Only he can extinguish it.

jo2love posted 12/11/2013 08:25 AM

lovelykoala -

Please read the forum description, threads are not to be pulled out of the WS Forum.

Thank you.

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