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Does this happen to anyone else?

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damncutekitty posted 12/11/2013 19:25 PM

I haven't spoken to my XH since 2007. While I am glad to have maintained NC for that long, I do admit that every now and then I'd go snooping on social media to see what he was up to. However since I began dating my SO, I have not even done that. Almost 2 years now.

Sometimes I still want to peek. I am petty, and for whatever reason I like to giggle at how bald my XH is getting or how pretentious his writing still is. However I don't go there because part of me feels like snooping on my XH is somehow betraying my current SO.

But dang, some days I get sooooo curious.

gardenparty posted 12/11/2013 19:41 PM

Had a brief e-mail back and forth with my EX this year regarding our kids. Other than that I haven't seen him since 2007 and maybe e-mail contact once a year. Unfortunately for me he lives very close to my family so I do get updates. He stays off social media probably because he is too ashamed of how much he has messed up his life.

h0peless posted 12/11/2013 19:51 PM

I almost looked my ex up the other day. THe closes analogy I can make is that I also quit smoking almost eight months ago. Sometimes I still want a cigarette but then I remind myself how bad that would be for me, I don't have one and five minutes later, I'm worrying about what I'm going to have for lunch.

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