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musiclovingmom posted 12/11/2013 22:50 PM

Which is how I'm abbreviating our new 'word of the week' conversations. I like titles, and outlines, and objectives, and plans. (I swear I was born a teacher and just had to pay for a college to verify that). My H agreed to do this, somewhat grudgingly. He is terribly afraid of anything more than surface deep. Our word this week - intimacy. I keep a handwritten journal with notes and thoughts. We do 20 minutes of self-reflection and then share our definitions of the word. Then we have a week to continue reflecting, sharing and adapting. I also write the word on the bathroom mirror with a guiding question. (Yeah, I know, but I just can't help it). When I got up this morning, the mirror looked like this:
Word of the Week:
Guiding question: What makes a relationship intimate?

When I came home from bible study tonight, my H had added:
Closeness and trust!

Trust was underlined 3 times. He knows he destroyed that with us and he knows his actions have to build it back. Right now, I'm just happy he did this without me even hinting he should. Hopefully this is the start of something great and lasting :)

poopylala posted 12/11/2013 22:59 PM

Just make sure you don't develop some kind of teacher-student dynamic where he feels he is somehow less than an independent adult.

This is awesome! Hugs to you Would he be interested in picking next week's word? Perhaps a trade off each week to get you both involved?

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