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This cycle is getting old...

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iwillNOT posted 12/13/2013 00:26 AM

1. Relative normalcy. Functioning in my life.
2. OMG - big- old - triggery - TRIGGER!!
3. Freak out, cry, get mad - whatever the flavor of the day is.
4. WH apologizes, holds me, helps calm me down, answers questions etc.
5. I slowly get my feet back on the ground, might be quick or might take days. Achieve relative normalcy, then...

Repeat, repeat, repeat! Enough already!

On the upside, we're getting pretty good at this after all the practice. Blech.

jo2love posted 12/13/2013 08:30 AM


I hear you. This crazy rollercoaster is gut wrenching and there is no off button. As time passes the normalcy will last longer and the triggers will be less often. Sending you strength and hope for better days.

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