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Another Help! needed for gift giving

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Pentup posted 12/13/2013 11:38 AM

I want to send a family member a food gift. Typically send steaks or ribs. Anyone have any great ideas or coupon/deals they want to share?. Omahasteaks has a free shipping on some combos today, but of course they are not the combo I would prefer.

Thought I would check with my SI peeps to see if anyone had better ideas?

Thanks in advance!

jo2love posted 12/13/2013 18:49 PM

I don't have a coupon code for this one, but their food is delicious (apple cider donuts, cookies, pies, fruit, brownies, etc...).

TattoodChinaDoll posted 12/13/2013 20:17 PM

Last year and this year I sent my parents a lobster gram (lots of different options). They loved it. This year I got my brother a popcorn of the month thing. Most of the websites I checked had options for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Lots of options and all I did was look up food of the month on google.

Pentup posted 12/14/2013 06:29 AM

Thank you, will check them out!

Cabrona posted 12/14/2013 07:14 AM

I always give my dad Alaskan King Crab legs, Sam's Club usually has a good deal this time of year.

imagoodwitch posted 12/14/2013 08:36 AM

I second TTCD on the LobsterGram, my family loved it when I would send them one.

broken2 posted 12/17/2013 12:08 PM

double post....

[This message edited by broken2 at 12:13 PM, December 17th (Tuesday)]

broken2 posted 12/17/2013 12:12 PM

Salmon shipped straight from Alaska!

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