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Triggering when helping with WH's resume

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TheThreeYearFool posted 12/13/2013 15:17 PM

WH is trying to get hired on permanently at the site where he's a contractor. I am ALL ABOARD this idea, because although he and OW don't work at the same job site they do work for the same contracting firm. To officially interview for a permanent position he needs to present them an updated resume.

Did I offer to help? Or did he ask for my assistance? I don't remember. I'm enough of a doormat/desperate enough to get him out of the contracting firm that it's entirely possible I offered. I've edited his resume as well as those of family members several times over the years.

Today he dug up an old resume to update. In the process I found that I had a more recent copy from 2011 saved. I took a look at the last saved date: 7/13/11.

Not just during the A. No, this was the day before I flew out of state to visit my parents, and he then snuck off to New Orleans on his first trip with OW. I was editing his resume for him while he was texting her about how much he looked forward to their New Orleans trip.

I feel so utterly used. He was happy to have me do the heavy lifting for him and have OW around for fun.

Once again I want to present OW with a list of chores: How about you fold his laundry? Weed the yard? Clean the litterboxes? Do the taxes?

Just had to vent.

ADelight posted 12/13/2013 15:39 PM

I hear you, and understand!

My H is always losing things. I was calling places looking for a lost item because he had to leave for a business trip at a resort. (Driving, no plane to catch!) You guessed it... she was there and they had a lovely little honeymoon in between sessions.

Vent away!!! It's good for us!

GotPlayed posted 12/13/2013 15:56 PM

I understand. I helped my WW with my resume and all I could think was that some of the stuff I found as evidence when I discovered the A was her helping him with *his* resume, so he could find a job in our town. Creeps.

On the other hand, I have his address and full job history from his resume. Hmmm.. what to do..... Nah, taking the high road. But restraining orders are a lot easier to serve when you know the person's address.

I was as nice as possible and left it at that. They will never understand our suffering. They're only focused on themselves.

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