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How do you survive the holiday triggers?

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nekorb posted 12/14/2013 07:21 AM

Just wondered if you have any tips for surviving the inevitable holiday triggers?

We are in serious limbo. The kids have no clue, WH is waiting for the go ahead from DD17's counselors to move out, and I'm still hoping he has a change of heart and decides to R.

I'm afraid I'm going to be a basket case on Christmas Day with the kids and everything going on.

How do you just live in that moment and enjoy it for what it is? I already know I'm going to have to focus on the kids...but I feel so sad for them.

I need tips and suggestions please!,,

unfound posted 12/14/2013 08:57 AM

take one moment at a time.. one minute at a time.. hell, one second at a time. have a mantra like "this is for my kids" or whatever you can say to yourself to stay in the moment.

Pass posted 12/14/2013 09:51 AM

I felt this way last xmas. My coping mechanism was wine - and a lot of it. I don't recommend it. After the holidays ended, I was an emotional wreck.

crazynot posted 12/14/2013 10:56 AM

Very very hard to be ok in the same house with him in your situation, Nekorb - almost nothing worse. The pits is that every advert, every movie, every magazine cover is festooned with the fantasy of the perfect life. Just hold your head up high and realise your own amazing strength, and let the love of your kids see you through. Wishing you all the best.

hathnofury posted 12/14/2013 11:09 AM

The first Xmas after I JFO was very hard. We had moved over 1000 miles from family, so it was a first Xmas without them around. But it proved to be a blessing, we started a few new traditions to take the edge off.

The next Xmas was after a really bad period, the short version is false R due to trickle truth of epic proportions handled very badly. But again, what saved it for me was establishing a few more new traditions. We went out to a tree farm and got a live tree for the first time on Black Friday, saw Santa, came home and decorated the tree with only handmade decorations. The kids and I did several mission projects with our church, and they performed in the Xmas pageant for the first time. It literally saved the season for us.

I know your kids are older, maybe not all live at home, etc but I suggest starting a new tradition or two with the kids. Go see a holiday play or performance, go do a charity thing together, go ice skating, whatever would appeal to them. Whether WH is involved isn't really necessary, the idea is to do something new and different to celebrate the season. When it is a new thing, there isn't anything to compare it to with the family as a whole before.

My other suggestion is do something for just you. Go get a massage, or go to a craft show, or whatever is YOUR interest on your own, or with a friend if you prefer. It is time to do something for yourself to renew your spirit. This will help in been in the right frame of mind when you start your new traditions with the kids.

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