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The department store of love

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Pass posted 12/14/2013 09:07 AM

Of all places, I think I've had a couple of "moments" in my local Walmart.

Moment #1: I needed to buy some kleenex. As I was looking through the selection, I turned to the shopper beside me and said, "It's impossible to find a manly box of kleenex."

She gave me this killer smile, and said, "Let's see what we can find for you."

As she was rummaging, and showing me some boxes, my shitty self esteem kicked in, and I felt bad for "wasting her time". I grabbed the closest box to me, said, "Here's one!" and fled.

It wasn't until I was halfway home that I realized it may have been a moment!

Moment #2: At Walmart again, I decided to have supper at their McDonalds. I happened to lock eyes with a woman in the line beside me. She said, "You have a great smile. It's really nice."

I managed to croak out, "Thanks so much. You're very kind." while grinning like an idiot. Then I buried my face in my phone so that I wouldn't have to look at her again.

Apparently, I'm not much of a closer.

So Walmart, eh? Maybe that's where I'll start spending my Saturday nights.

Lyonesse posted 12/14/2013 09:16 AM

Those sound like openers to me! Why not Walmart?

Armistead Maupin started his book series Tales of the City based on a real-life local Safeway supermarket that had become the hot pick-up spot for singles.

I look forward to your Tales from the Aisles of Walmart.

Chrysalis123 posted 12/14/2013 09:44 AM

Pass, isn't great that you can look at those incidents and see someone was being friendly/flirting with you?

I get scared when someone does that to me. And I try to escape.

Now, I am trying to consciously just be nice back, and to tell myself the fear is irrational.

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finallymefirst posted 12/14/2013 09:50 AM

Wow Pass.. that was the best compliment ever lol..."great smile, its really nice". Very nice indeed. If u see her again smile and say hi

nowiknow23 posted 12/14/2013 09:54 AM

Dude - you totally had moments.

Pass posted 12/14/2013 11:39 AM

Dude - you totally had moments.

Thanking you for the verification, NIK! The problem is that before The Princess, I was always TOTALLY helpless around women. Had lots of female friends, but the second there was a suggestion of something else (even just in my own mind!), it would scare the hell out of me.

So now I just naturally assume that I'm seeing something that isn't there, and don't want to bother the woman in question.

Wouldn't know how to even start bothering her anyhow.

Maybe I should do a google search for "How to approach women"?

k94ever posted 12/14/2013 12:16 PM

Whatever else you talk about....don't mention you are a banjo player!!! had "moments". Perhaps you are the type of guy that needs a lady to hit you on your head with a club and drag you to her cave.......................


IrishLass518 posted 12/14/2013 13:18 PM

Really? There is a store of love? Hmmm, I think I will be shopping at my local Wal mart some more.

IrishLass518 posted 12/14/2013 13:21 PM

Oops, double post

[This message edited by IrishLass518 at 2:18 PM, December 14th (Saturday)]

solus sto posted 12/14/2013 14:13 PM

Wow. All my Walmart has is a pervasive odor of urine that, inexplicably, was present even on opening day.

(You totally had moments there.)

Eranda posted 12/14/2013 15:05 PM

Don't listen to K9, banjo players are hot

Pass posted 12/14/2013 22:25 PM

Everyone knows the banjo is the instrument of love - no Deliverance jokes, please!

SBB posted 12/14/2013 23:54 PM

Some people think everyone is hitting on them. Others seem to not notice until they are hit over the head and dragged into a cave.

You seem to fall into the latter category. Yes, these are moments.

Everyone knows the banjo is the instrument of love

Pass posted 12/15/2013 07:58 AM

I've never been sure about that stuff, SBB, so I'll just come right out and ask it: Are you hitting on me?

SBB posted 12/15/2013 08:14 AM


There are no Walmarts in Australia. Keep your eye on Walmart, dude!

Take2 posted 12/15/2013 08:22 AM

So am I to understand that "the department store of love" has an attached "first date coffee house?"

...wait, let me rephrase. Pass, if your luck at Wallie World continues, and you bump into someone that may interest you -- you should consider asking them for an "after shopping" coffee at Micky D's. Gives you a chance to chat a little, decide if you want to ask for her number, and if not you have the "my ice cream is melting" excuse.

Pass posted 12/15/2013 21:29 PM

Thanks for the suggestion, Take2. I'll start practicing in front of a mirror:

"Hey, baby. How about a McFlurry?"

IrishLass518 posted 12/15/2013 21:36 PM

Pass, I would so fall for the McFlurry line
After, I figured out if I was being hit on.

It's been so long I wouldn't know if a guy was interested unless he gave me a power point presentation with a flow chart and even then I would still ask him if he was serious.

Gr8Lady posted 12/15/2013 22:44 PM

So you are a little rusty. You will get your MOJO back, and honestly the right person will appreciate you aren't a one line player.

In the meantime, the encounters made you feel good, helped ego and is a really positive thing.

The right person will appreciate you, and all the qualities thrown away by the Princess

Pass posted 12/16/2013 08:49 AM

Irish, there are PowerPoint presentations? Excellent.


The right person will appreciate you, and all the qualities thrown away by the Princess

That's a very nice thing for you to say. Thank you.

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