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Self-care during the holidays

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musiclovingmom posted 12/14/2013 20:12 PM

It's no secret that the holidays are stressful even during the most ideal times. For those of us in R, navigating holiday events with our SO, can be particularly taxing. So, what are you doing that is for you? How are you caring for yourself lately?

Me? I'm opening myself up to friendships again - both new and old. I'm allowing myself to be comfortable again with other people. Today, specifically, I got a babysitter and went to a cookie exchange with our women's ministry. I sat tall, with people, had conversations and laughed real laughter. Then, I picked up my boys and went to an old friend's house where we had a girls' lunch in. The kids played and we ate all the junk we aren't supposed to be eating. We caught up. We looked forward. We had fun. I'd locked myself away from social events for a long time and had been timid in what I had done. It feels so good to be me again.

Cabot posted 12/14/2013 23:01 PM

Im going to get myself a christmas present not sure what yet.

PinkJeepLady posted 12/15/2013 00:07 AM

I am really trying to immerse myself in the holiday spirit and not worry so much about R right now. So, I went all out decorating the house. I even accomplished one of my long time goals of putting our large 30 year McDonalds happy meal toy collection onto a tree, it looks great and was really fun to do.

I am watching all my favorite Christmas movies. I actually snuck out of work the other day and went to see "Black Nativity", which was so good. I was the only person in the theater and it was nice to cry and eat my popcorn by myself.

I have been enjoying some "retail therapy" buying and wrapping presents for the family. Tonight I went to the grocery store and found the white chocolate covered oreos that are hard to find, score!

I am listening to the Christmas music I love everywhere I go.
Under the tree is a lovely wrapped box for me with a fabulous, funky pink coat (and matching beret) which will be perfect for jeep riding. A pair of gorgeous boots that I have been wanting should be delivered any day.

At my work we have a coworker who is struggling financially to provide Christmas gifts for her grandsons she is raising. We took up a collection for cash and I was in charge of decorating her office and getting her some gifts. It was so good to focus on someone else and not my worries for a little bit.

I am also enjoying my religious community. I find comfort in services and being around others who are of my faith. I have always loved the wonder and excitement of Christmas. Watching my grandkids excitement over simple things like lights and candy canes is priceless. I am focusing on PEACE and JOY! Most days it is working.
Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!

vivere posted 12/15/2013 00:27 AM

Trying to keep busy, focus on anything but the A's. Not sure if this is dealing with it, more likely avoiding it but I don't want to feel sad and morose. All our problems will still be there in January, I reckon

Surrounding myself with others who are happy and loving is especially helpful.

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