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I even got his friends in the D

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Williesmom posted 12/15/2013 10:32 AM

One of Wxh's friend does snow plowing. I'm having a home emergency, and called him to come plow my driveway this weekend.

Since the D, we have talked periodically-usually when he needs something. So, yesterday as we talked about the snow plowing, he said "I haven't seen Williesdad for several years. I talk to you waaaay more often."

Apparently, during the D, wxh was telling this friend how controlling I was (because I expected him to work and not chase other women). After the D, this friend spent an afternoon with wxh and his new bar whore/girlfriend. Apparently, she sat on her ass and barked orders while wxh jumped to her orders.

Friend said, "Williesdad, what are you doing? That chick is nuts. You fucked up a really good life with williesmom, and she's done with you, but you can't have a life with BarWhore."

I think that I never realized how awesome my friends are- even the fringe ones.

nowiknow23 posted 12/15/2013 11:06 AM

That's awesome, WM.

Amazonia posted 12/15/2013 12:20 PM


I'm sorry, but your ex is doesn't even deserve to share your name. I in my mouth a little when I read that.

persevere posted 12/15/2013 14:48 PM

I've had similar experiences with his "friends", and while I'm glad they get it, I still always find it sad that he can't, or won't, see how his behavior has alienated so many who care about him. But, it is no longer my problem, so I don't dwell on it.

Good for you WM.

Williesmom posted 12/15/2013 15:46 PM

AMA- thanks! Your made me laugh.

However, willies was his dog. That poor dog missed him more than i did when we split up. We both deserved better from him.

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FaithFool posted 12/15/2013 16:03 PM

I think most of x's friends hate me because I kicked his ass in the divorce. Whatever.

Only one of my Irish cousins still speaks to him. The rest, not so much.

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Williesmom posted 12/15/2013 16:12 PM

Faith- very funny! No reason for us to tone it down at that point. We kick ass every single day.

Nature_Girl posted 12/15/2013 17:20 PM

That conversation must have been a nice validation.

Williesmom posted 12/15/2013 17:28 PM

It was validating for me, but I already knew what a nice life we had.

The best part is that my new life is even better.

tesla posted 12/15/2013 17:57 PM

Well, of course you got his friends in the D.
He's a jagoff.
Who wants to be friends with a jagoff?

Harriet posted 12/15/2013 18:15 PM

Yay, Williesmom! That must have been nice to hear. I don't think most of my exes friends know the whole story. Those that have heard through the grapevine are pretty horrified and tell me so.

Starfish1973 posted 12/16/2013 20:21 PM

Lol. I am not D (yet) but WH did tell his BF about his A.

Immediately, BF told him how wrong and stupid he was, and I have noticed how much nicer BF is to me now.


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