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please be extra kinder when out there

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sullymeishadomi posted 12/18/2013 06:58 AM

I work behind the counter. Some of you know what I do. We are short handed and it doesnt help our purpetual call out person just called out again...knowing this week is a total bitch.

Lately, I have been hit with some really nasty people. Not many but the ones who are nasty are off the charts nasty. I had a lady yesterday who yelled at me she wasnt going to comply with company rules and I was going to do what she told me to do.

So when you go out there...please be extra nice. You will end up taking the edge off customer ssrvice people who are getting beat up on (in our case its every day).

Dreamboat posted 12/18/2013 07:24 AM


Working in the service industry during the holidays is brutal. Many people leave their Christmas Spirit at home.

tushnurse posted 12/18/2013 08:31 AM


I can honestly say that in the past 7 days I have seen a lot of holiday spirit in folks both workers, and customers in almost every place I've been too. More so than other years, I hope this Christmas spirit travels to your area soon. And I hope it lasts longer than Jan 1st.

Remember rude, mean people are being rude and mean because they are unhappy with their personal situation, not because of anything you did or are doing, try not to take it personally.

I remember working Customer Service at Walmart after Christmas as a young college student. I learned a smile and some empathy can go a long way to helping make people's days a little nicer, and in turn made it easier to do my job.

Just a wow that's unfortunate that your MIL got you the wrong size shirt, or I'm sorry Santa didn't bring you what you wanted with a smile, and that usually helped. Of course there are some folks that are just jackasses no matter what, and you can't do anything to fix them. Those are the ones you just imagine getting stockings full of coal, and no presents under the treee......It helps.

Hang in there Girl....The big day is nearly here.

Exit Wounds posted 12/18/2013 14:19 PM

((((Sully)))) thank you for your post. I try to always make it a point to smile and thank them. I know everyone is stressed during this season...

BrokenRoad posted 12/18/2013 14:24 PM

(((Sully))) thanks for the reminder.

spond posted 12/18/2013 14:57 PM

Many people leave their Christmas Spirit at home.

Some people never had it in the first place.

(((sully))) Hang in there, it almost over.

nowiknow23 posted 12/18/2013 14:58 PM


Rebreather posted 12/18/2013 15:19 PM

I got pissy with a TSA agent yesterday and a bakery today. I should probably chill out. But a) don't lecture me I know what I am doing! and b) don't advertise stuff you won't have until the 23rd unless it says on the advert the 23rd!!!

Ok. I'm better.

TrulyReconciled posted 12/18/2013 16:07 PM

You're right! I was just in the local UPS store to drop off a package and an older woman was yelling at a young man trying to help her "Next time fu#king LOOK at what you're doing before you cut it ..."

I was like

sullymeishadomi posted 12/19/2013 04:28 AM

Thank you guys.

When I have been out in public I havent seen people being treated badly. Then again, when I am out its like 7pm at night or later. Maybe the nasties have gone home.

I did try to ask a guy in target a question the other day. I could tell he heard me but he walked away. He had an angry look on his face so maybe he endured some nasty behavior

Rebreather...employees do not have control over what is in a flier. Maybe their mgr didnt order it quick enough or their order was screwed up by where they order it from. I had that happen to me. I ordered an item. My invoice said the item was available but I was sent something else. This is a big deal customer wise and for accountability. Anyway, yesterday or the day before someone came in for those items and I explained why I didnt have said item. I got the how could I not have something so important. Thats why my company is going under. Ladedah. (Eye roll).

Spouse gets the eff-you on a regular basis if his store is out of a certain item (he doesnt order; he stocks). They even call him things like stupid mexican. He laughs bc he is not mexican.

Yesterday was not bad. I had one person walk out because what I was doing with the one customer was taking more than 5 minutes. The customer I was working on laughed and said she had moved to our town from nyc and in nyc 5 minutes wait time is a treasure. But that was the worst, so it was a good day.

Yes, I know bad behavior is all about that person. Its just super annoying because we spoil our customers but they want more. They know we are short handed. They know we work long hours with no lunch nor break and they beat us up. Yes, my being tired makes me less tolerant of people. Definitely.

Oh, a bit of a funny about this week. Across the country dogs are not allowed in my company doors unless they are service dogs. In my town they think this rule doesnt exist. We had someone bring in a older lady dog who growled and barked at a customer. I have even recently had a customers dog outside go bizerk on another customer.

So T7esday this man brings in his two adorable pooches. I told him dogs were not allowed. He said he didnt know that rule. I said sir, its a rule in my company across the country. He replied he didnt know that (he does). Then he had the nerve to say there was no sign saying no dogs (there was but we are thinking a customer pulled it down bc it disappeared).

I now have two signs up. I now get dirty looks from dog owners. I love dogs. I will try and find a moment to run out and pet a dog but dogs cannot come in the office. How are we going to explain to upper mgmt someones poochie bit a customer or we had a doggie beat down (dogs fighting)? I dont want to be the one to make THAT call.

The guy didnt leave. He purposely took his time to leave.

Today is going to be good. Im willing it.

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ajsmom posted 12/19/2013 06:03 AM

sully - thank you for your service, and I truly mean that. I have seen many a time postal workers verbally assaulted (only term for it in my book) by customers. A good friend of mine also works there and I am blown away by her stories.

I remember one time a few years back coming to the aid of a clerk at the Sam's Club photo center when a man literally tore her up and down because his photo cards would not be ready for Christmas. Why? Because he missed the deadline by two days.

I was out shopping for a few hours yesterday afternoon and was astounded by the rushed and hurried attitude of people literally pushing themselves through the crowds as if they were the only people that mattered.

It's a shame, really. Completely disintegrates the spirit of the season.


sullymeishadomi posted 12/19/2013 06:35 AM

Thank you AJs Mom.

I understand the frustrations some customers have with us. Cannot take a certain subject here, but bc of it we have had cutbacks. Big ones. But if people stop and really look into our faces, they can see we are exaughsted. I am by far not the only person working solo. Its in a lot of different places. (Note: I have had very, very kind customers acknowledge how tired I look and say with compassion "its almost over". Another customer bought us pizza).

Initially I thought just as with the dmv people. felt they could run over us bc we are govt, but its not that. Treating people horribly Iis the new norm. Nobody is Iimmune. I never thought this would (metophorically speaking) come out of my mouth, but I blame it on those reality shows. They show the worst behavior is to be rewarded. Because people on tv do it, its okay. I swear our great grandparents are rolling over in their graves. We have become on the whole (but not everyone) a shameful society.

sullymeishadomi posted 12/21/2013 06:50 AM

I have reacued my limit. I tried laughing off last nights escapade, but I am utterly pissed off. I dont want to go to work.

Last night 10 minutes after I had closed up this woman comes banging on the glass door and hard. We went through several rounds of her wanting me to open up and me saying I was closed. At one point I decided to ignore her hoping she would go away. No, she banged harder on the door. I though she was going to break the glass. For some reason I spoke spanish "Eso es bastante (thats enough!)! We are closed". She said something I couldnt hear then said "go to hell". As she left she banged open the glass and metal door on the window so hard she literally could have caused damage.

Three days earlier was that old bat that started this thread.

A month before that was a former military person with young children who was understandably upset but decided to to make it personal. She screamed at me to the point her words were unintelligable. My coworker associates with her off hours and tried to excuse her by saying she is military ( from 4 generations of military personnel...dont snow me) and she has it rough (uh, so do a lot of us).

In between all that I have been told to fuck off, thats why we are going out of business, thats why I hate you office and a bunch of other shit. In my other office I have seen racial slurs at my coworkers (and people wonder why those coworkers are so nasty).

I am afraid if something happens today I will end up fired. I truly am beginning to hate people. Yes, I know its about them but I am sick of the abuse. If this was done inside house walls the cops would be carting away the offender.

Effing ayyy!

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