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going back to school

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GraceisGood posted 12/18/2013 11:27 AM

Hello All,

Sorry to be posting so much, life has been super busy and things are just stacking up and I finally have some time today to unpack some and hopefully get some feedback to help me make choices in an informed manner.

So, a while back I posted about going back to school for psychology. After reading the responses and doing more research, I have decided that is not the route I need.

So I am looking into Business with a focus on Medical or Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Management.

I feel the Medical field is Huge so there is much opportunity for employment, etc. But I enjoy "helping" people and the Human Services sounds more "satisfying".

I have looked at state openings and there are several the Human Services degree would qualify for, so there does seem to be a need in my area, but I am just not sure.

What are your educated views on these areas?


tushnurse posted 12/18/2013 11:47 AM

You mean like social work?
I'm not sure what falls under "human services" sounds like a very wide topic.

If you are looking into Social work it is a Masters level program to get liscenced, and then they typically make less money than any other liscenced professional within the medical field.

GraceisGood posted 12/18/2013 11:59 AM

Not Social Work as in the traditional sense, but more a cog in the wheel/support personnel. The positions I saw for the state just required a BS, and some any BS would do, if you had some prior "experience" in a related field.

Pay was quite fair imo for these positions compared.

I am not shooting for the moon, just hoping for some area that is somewhat stable/secure and something I will not "hate" spending 40+ hours of my life at each week. Perhaps that is shooting for the moon ???


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