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A downfall of being alone

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risingfromashes posted 12/18/2013 17:25 PM

Normally I would not change my decision to divorce my creepy x. I am lonely but know that I am not ready for a relationship. Most of the time living without a partner is doable and sometimes downright joyful. But not when I am sick. Started a few days ago with a cough. Now I am coughing non-stop, wheezing, achy and chilled. Wish I had someone to bring me tea. My daughter has difficulty comprehending that I am sick because I usually fight off everything.
Don't know if this should be posted in off-topic but being sick really makes you feel vulnerable and more alone.

spond posted 12/18/2013 17:35 PM

<<<passes risingfromashes a hot cup of tea>>>

It never fun being sick!!! Hope you get some good sleep.

meaniemouse posted 12/18/2013 17:36 PM

RFA--I'm so sorry you are sick and feeling yucky. I know exactly what you're talking about because last week I was sick as a dog, too.

Tons of fluids, whatever meds make you feel better and tons of rest did wonders for me. And don't let your mind go to the dark side just because you are alone. Several wise SI friends reminded me that at least when you're alone you can baby yourself, watch whatever you want on TV, let the house go to hell and not have to worry about anyone but yourself.

Take care of yourself, and know we are sending healing mojo your way. I hope you're better very soon.

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nowiknow23 posted 12/18/2013 18:41 PM

((((rising)))) So sorry you aren't feeling well, honey.

Blackhair posted 12/18/2013 22:46 PM

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I understand how vulnerable this time when there is no partner by your side, we hear you, you are not alone, just hang in there, hope you recover soon.

Big Hug!

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